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And for those who ask what about ‘negative’ desires ( and ‘negative’ only being whatever 'you' consider negative for in the larger sense there is no good or bad) then understand that all desires have a purpose!

But no, it does not mean you go out and harm the other, if you so desire! It does not mean indulging in what you perceive as a negative desire just because we have said it is part of your larger plan…no…it means - and listen carefully- it means become aware of the limiting feelings and thoughts, yes your limiting beliefs and impressions that give rise to this desire! It means becoming aware of the fears, subconscious conditioning and sankaras, that you have chosen to disempower and move away from through the effects of such desires.

This is why they are part of your plan, blueprint!
This is the purpose behind limiting desires!

To become aware of their futility through their effects and in that expand and remove them for self- and remove them for human consciousness too! If you can do this, these so called negative desires have served their purpose well. Not by indulging in them, but in resolving their purpose to be in your blueprint.

This can be done by viewing them within (self enquiry) and thus not needing to experience its effect on the outside that you call physical life. Or in learning from their external aftermath –what you call problems and crisis. Again no amount of suppression will help. You only postpone the inevitable…

So my dears- do not shun desires- understand them instead! And in this ‘awareness’ use them optimally and productively: as a soul memory asking you to experience and expand an aspect for Spirit; Or a soul memory hinting to you that some inner resolution is required.!

Go forth and look at your desires today…what are they conveying to you from beyond the veil? What soul energies are waiting to be acknowledged? Expressed? Fulfilled? Then do ‘desires’ expand to larger and what you consider loftier purposes- but we shall speak about that in another now….!

And you may do the same with fears. For your fears, if you explore them, are treasure houses towards ‘Knowing Thyself’. What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or offering resistance…is to understand your fears: watch them, learn about them, and come directly into contact with them. You are to learn from your fear, not to escape from it.

So Yes, as you fulfill 'your' desires; you understand what consciousness chooses to experience or express through a 'you'...your 'desires' automatically expand and become finer...for you become a finer vehicle which can hold the finer desires of the universe...and through this you transcend personal desire…into becoming part of the cosmic play.....otherwise the desire to remove desire is a desire!