And Footsteps Glide Effortlessly

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Battle scarred and wounded

Heroes everywhere I look

There is no escaping our beautiful humanness

The heart breaking tenderness of it all

This stunningly sublime nakedness
That no one wears

And smiles and tears
Tango with each other

And sometimes not so gently

Joy and sorrow
Walk hand in hand

I can't say that any "this"
Was the worst or best part of life

Its all so intricately woven
Exquisite tapestry

Even the pain of evisceration when it came
Even though it hurt like hell

Oh but oh

The blessed release
A lifetime washed away

I had no idea that I was even seeking
Till that primal cry rent my heart

"I want to know the truth
I want to know what the hell is going on...
And don't even try to palm me off with BS Band-Aid answers..."

I had no idea who I was asking this of
Some god maybe
But I had no idea of god till then
Except that someone had to know

That hungry ghost
Dogged my footsteps

That insatiable longing

This tender heart breaking humanness

And yet I enjoyed the seeking
It played itself out

The human condition doesn't go away anywhere

This shift in perception
Dents it not a whit

Meanings and non meanings
Lose their grip

Everything and nothing
Arise equitably
All of a piece

A white barn owl
Circled just under my nose

A smooth white spin around
A flash of light
In a still dark night sky


And here it comes again
before flying off
Into the dark before dawn

Even when I'm inside
And not standing on the balcony
And don't see it

Its hoot and screech
Now a friendly song

Whenever I hear it
Brings a smile to my face

Hullo there

Many have this idea that sages are some kind of alien creatures

Separate from the rest of humanity

Or mistake it to mean
That they've transcended their humanness

And glimpses of the no self
Are promptly replaced
By a bigger, better self

Calling it god
Or source
Or being
Or consciousness
Or some equally shiny new thing

And the aching need to be done

Oh let's just chuck this wave thingy
And go straight to the ocean

It does at first feel like an expanded sense of me

And many mistake it for a bigger better me

Yet there never was a me
Nor a you there

Separate from any of it


The grasping tendency of the mind so strong
The grasping is what the mind does
Its what it is

Or all would be lost then
A life-line
To keep itself anchored

This intuited unicity

The lines dissolve
And there's not even nothing left

Underneath it all... there's not even nothing and no one there

No bigger, better self

These fluid dancing images
The only place
Where you and I exist

And love
And beauty

Empty holograms
Dancing, prancing in the wind

Fullness prances with emptiness

And these are merely words
That don't say a thing
Even as the words slide over easy

Flowing seamlessly
Into the nothingness of it all

Overflowing with the brilliant shining fullness

The effervescence of golden bubbles bursting
Bring smiles and tears to these eyes

This sublime aloneness

This emptiness of all things
Where there are no things to be told apart
Nor a holder of things

Dancing between a kiss and a baby's breath
Your own kiss
Your own lips

We're all sailing in the same boat
Dents and holes et all

Noah must be turning in his grave me thinks
I didn't board that gravy train

There's no one breathing some rarified air perfumed with cinnamon and cloves...

I looked in the cupboard and pulled out a blue polka dotted kaftan from the top of the heap

It would do quite nicely

And I'll even take an afternoon siesta in it

I'll wear it to the concertino tonight

I'll make an exception and dab some perfume and look for those silver high heels that I haven't worn for two decades

And water spray those truant grey hair

Oh jeez...that dental appointment is long overdue
For that sparkle in me pearly whites

Oh well
The Mona Lisa smile will do just as well

All togged up
And nowhere left to go

And the footsteps glide

All over the lay of the land

In no man's land

No beliefs

The in and out breath

And here I go
Tripping on a pebble


What was it that I was saying

I quite forget