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It was on our American Continent soil where our Indian ancestors learned tremendously useful lessons about Mother Nature. When the Europeans set foot on this very sacred land almost everybody started the way backwards regarding the great affinity with our planet.

In order to keep a perfect balance and harmony with Nature people learned to daily communicate with it. They were able to talk to and listen to the four realms; mineral, vegetable, animal and human. Their lives depended on this wise and constant communication. I’ll give you some examples of this: every morning before stepping on it, they did two things, first they sincerely apologized and then they very respectfully ask for its permission. Every time they needed a plant to be used as medicine, ornament, building material or for whatever reason, they never forgot to do these two actions; apologize and ask for permission to Mother Nature. Nowadays do you think we do this? We, who are the masters or all Nature’s kingdoms, consider ourselves so important that we’ve lost the correct perspective by usually not humiliating to our Mother Nature who has still being nourishing us, in spite of our destructive behavior.
Where will it be a good start point to change by adapting our daily activities without harming our sacred environment? I strongly recommend beginning talking to our trees. Are trees able to listen to us? Of course, they are. For millions of years they have always helped us. Are trees able to talk to us? They surely do! We, modern men have lost this ability, but we can recuperate it by several easy exercises. We already posses a special brain area dealing with our effective communication with all Nature’s realms.

Not only human beings posses what Carl Jung called the collective unconsciousness, our trees also have it! So, are you telling us that trees can communicate among themselves! Indeed they can! There’s also a kind of oral tradition to continue benefiting our still beautiful planet. Maybe you’ve forgotten that in a previous reading I mentioned that there exists a complete memory about the History of our planet somewhere near our Earth’s space. It will depend totally on you to find it and by doing so you’ll confirm much apparently hidden knowledge. You can start your search asking this question to trees.

This has always been a participation game. Make comments on PPT. Do this, by asking this to me, but to the other writers as well. The more you ask, the more we will be able to contribute.

It was a real pleasure writing this article. Best regards Amorifer-alden

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american wisdom

I have read a few novels, actually more than few by louis l amour, he has often ventured into this field superficially.

thanks a lot, i will wait if you dig further in future.

thoughts | Sun, 04/05/2009 - 16:46