Analzing the three states ,is very much necssary to go beyond the mind

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The knowledge which experienced itself as experience of duality or mind,has subsides, and it becomes formless and non dual spirit.

One may be a billionaire or genius, but when the experience of duality or mind disappears,his name,age, sex and his wealth and family everything disappears as formless non dual spirit.

But everyone experiences, experience of duality as Waking or dream. But when the witness remains without the mind or experience of duality, they call it deep sleep.

Therefore it is necessary to analyze the three states in order to go beyond the mind or duality.

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You are talking out of theories

Stop for a minute your endless writing of the same thing -have you experienced what you are talking about?

First-hand personal experience is the ONLY tool you have, whether you like it or not, all else are mere theories you have heard from others through the grapevine.

In writing which is totally based on something you have never experienced you are acting irresponsibly and turn this non-dualism into a religion.

leo | Sat, 07/19/2008 - 21:44