The American Book of The Dead Guidebook

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The long awaited re-release of The American Book
of The Dead Guidebook is now here.

This is a Revised Standard Practitioner's Edition of the
original book EJ Gold first printed in 1975. The First Edition was hand typeset and printed by the guru in the basement of Red House in Crestline, California.

go here to buy your copy-

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This smells as too commercial ("go here to buy your copy"). What is it all about? Why should I have a copy of an unfamiliar book?

If it is an americanized version of the "Tibetan book of the Dead" than I'm not sure I should look at it at all - see what Americans did to Yoga, Advaita, and the Hamburger - pseudo fast-food understanding in a pop-music packaging. Not for me.

george | Fri, 10/30/2009 - 00:38
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response to "why?'

hi terms of why a link to buy? well, i like to create a clear path for those that wish to directly buy this important work-make it easy for them if possible as there are so many other daily confusions, mazes and the like...if you would like to discover the contents of this book and decide for yourself what it covers and how, you can go to your local public library and ask to borrow a copy of the ABD or The American Book of the Dead by EJ Gold...this is his standard work in this wishes to you, take care and have a great day...spacebuddhaa

spacebuddhaa | Mon, 06/21/2010 - 14:59