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Our greatest error is to think that a man living in a prison is free only because he can move about a bit. We have a very ingenious way of arrogating this freedom to ourselves by not stating it directly but idolising heroes made of the same clay. We ascribe to them the freedom which is nothing but a phantom of our imagination. We become admirers, followers and do all sorts of silly things just to bask in reflected glory. We may also raise a crusade on others who we think, do not meet our standards which is about the same thing in an oblique way. To lower the bar is to deny Truth.

Ascribing such qualities as Love and Compassion to people within the prison of society is to deceive ourselves. Psyche that conforms to social norms or for that matter revolt is all built on the foundation of self interest. One has to ruthlessly see it in oneself and others to lay a proper foundation where I could hope for something to grow. The taste for all the qualities we aspire for, begins with an absence which may at times be bitter and yet the right medicine.

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Yeah.. Like choosing the better prisoner. Betterness in terms of the prison's standards that is. Slavery !

Sudhakar Majety | Thu, 12/11/2014 - 00:44