Allowing the Flow of Shakti

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"Everything is energy.

Your thoughts are energy,
your feelings are energy,
your reactions are energy.

Every happening
is a movement of energy,
it is the play of Shakti.

So every time you try
and resist something
that is arising,
you are resisting Shakti.
You are repressing
the natural flow of bliss.

Trying to disassociate yourself
with your experience
is just another form or resistance.

To try and not be affected
by situations
is just closing yourself off
from the very thing you are seeking.

So with anything that arises,
whether it be a situation,
a thought or a feeling,
just allow it, welcome it.

We are not looking
to become unaffected.
Rather we are looking
to be completely affected.

Not in the sense
of dramatizing it.
Not in the sense of
identifying with it
or owning it
or becoming involved with it
in any way.

You neither
associate with it
nor you disassociate with it.

You simply come to
the point of full surrender
that you see it is simply
arising on its own.
You feel it arising
as the flow of energy
that is animating everything.

And then your attention
rests in feeling that flow of energy
that is thinking,
not the content of the thinking.

The mind is always
caught up in content.
Seeing the content of the thoughts
rather than experiencing the energy
that is thinking.

You simply have to allow
everything to flow
unhindered to the point
where you experience it all
as a flow of energy.

Then it does not matter
what emotions are there,
what thoughts are arising.
You experience the same
flow of energy in everything.

And the experience of that flow
of energy is peace,
is bliss
is love.

Try and control peace
in any way
and it will slip away from you.



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" Thank You"

"To try and not to be affected
by situations
is just closing yourself off
from the very thing you are seeking".

It make some sense!
Thank you!

bonya basu | Wed, 03/28/2012 - 10:38
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SHAKTI is the spontaneous arising of waves in an ocean.Sometimes the ocean is STILL-its ENERGY UNMANIFESTED.Sometimes the ENERGY MANIFESTS itself.

MAI | Wed, 04/11/2012 - 08:29