All those who talk sweetly cannot be friends.

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191) When women are not respected, the society does not prosper. Goddess "GAYATRI" has incarnated (as Shakthi Swaroopini) to rectify the malady. Chant regularly her mantra to ward of evils and seek her blessings.
11th October, 1997
192) Children getting hurt during play, continue to play next day also. Be mentally prepared to push through life in spite of hurdles.
5th November, 1997
193)All those who talk sweetly cannot be friends. Friendship cannot be a result of a day or two. Friendship like companionship is a life time experience.
7th NOV 1997
194) As a youth man’s mind is always preoccupied with the thoughts of earning money and experiencing worldly pleasures. Whereas, old age is spent in sustaining life providing for children and lack of zeal. Decide the appropriate time to start thinking of "GOD".
7th NOV 1997
195) I am the recipient of all the abuses and punishments given to a person defaming you. Similarly when your opponent does the same, I am still at the receiving end. Is it justified ?
11th NOV 1997

196)All classes of people are living in the society. Goddess of JUSTICE surfaces to see that the truth prevails.
20th NOV 1997
197) Population is ever increasing. People with selfishness, jealousy and hatred are attacking each other, establishing a path for themselves to be reborn as animals.
20th NOV 1997
198)You have not raised your voice on the day when your hard-earned money was stolen. What makes you to get excited when some one offers you a small gift?
21st NOV 1997
199)When veils of "AGNANA" (IGNORANCE) are before your eyes, you have to lead a life you deserve. Come to me I shall remove those veils to have a clear vision.
24th Nov 1997
200) When you are talking about divinity be humble because "EGO" is the first hurdle in the path of "ADHYATMA". Destroy the ego
27th Nov 1997