All religions are like rivers which finally join the sea.

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131) All religions are like rivers which finally join the sea. Follow the path of any religion and merge with "PARAMATMA" (the Supreme).
21st August, 1993
132) If service to mankind is your aim, practice it with all your available resources. Do not waste time in futile talk and giving excuses for not doing so.
29th August, 1993
133) The beautiful bird flying in the open sky draws everybody's attention. The same bird with a broken leg, struggling to sit on a branch does not attract anybody’s attention or sympathy.
31st August, 1993
134) I am the driving force in warding off all evils and hurdles.
2nd September, 1993
135) The offerings meant for me are consumed by some one, while you are busy praying, do not abuse him .I shall be the recipient of such abuses
2nd September, 1993

136) People in powerful positions committing good and bad deeds are equally recognized by the society. Whereas as an ordinary person’s good deeds are seldom noticed. Therefore discriminate between good and bad, always opting for good.
12th September, 1993
137) For those intending to join the school of "SAI" there are no prerequisites like age religion, caste etc.
28th September, 1993
138) The food served at the obsequies of a great soul who lead a balanced and meaningful life is far superior to "PRASADHAM" offered in temples without devotion.
2nd October, 1993
139) My photograph may appear as your favourite incarnation of God or a film star, at times may also look like Beeshma in Mahabharat. Can you guess what my age is?
8th October, 1993
140) However, costly the vegetables may be, they need to be boiled and cooked before consumption for better digestion. Irrespective of your religion, the practice of the teachings is a must to realize the "SUPREME".
25th October, 1993

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Indeed. Though those among them that are organized religions are polluted rivers, with no exceptions.

Industrialism and human wastes turned them intoxicant and extremely dangerous.

kamil | Sat, 05/21/2011 - 22:38