All the mango trees are apparently the same

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101) After enjoying all worldly pleasures and comforts, mortal remains of the physical body gets back to the soil. Whereas "ATMA" (Soul) after tasting of "ADHYATMA" (Spritualism) enjoys the "SUPREME". Is it not better to know more and more about this immortal "ATMA"?
1st April,1997
102) A caged bird lives with the food provided by its master. "ATMA" within the body lives on the food provided by cosmic energies and "NAVAVIDHABHAKTI" (Nine forms of devotion)
10th April, 1997
103) "GOD" created nature for the benefit of the mankind, whereas man because of his "AHANKARA" (Ego) assumes that he is the "CREATOR".
28th April, 1997
1. Mother bird protects younger ones from impending dangers by hiding
them under its wings. "DWARAKAMAI" will offers solace and protection to whosoever comes into its fold.
4th April 1997
105) When your mind is preoccupied with the wealth locked up in your house, setting out on pilgrimage has no sanctity..
13th May 1997
106) "SADHGURU" takes the drivers seat and guides you to the destination "ADHYATMA” (Spiritualism).The journey continues uninterrupted with the few remaining even if some co- passengers terminate their travel on the way.
13th May 1997
107) People following a wrong path ,do not change even if they are shown the right direction. Only the people on the path of righteousness, however shall reap the benefits of peace and happiness.
16th May 1997
108) Man is indiscriminately destroying forests to build his houses. Preservation of forests is equally important, for, the other animal species have equally natural rights to survive.
29th May 1997
109) I have seen "GOD" and his powers with my own eyes. It will be my bounden duty to remove the "OPAQUE LAYER OF AGNANANDHAKARA" (ignorance) existing before my devotee's eyes to enable them to see and experience "GOD".
14th June 1997
110) All the mango trees are apparently the same, although the fruits they bear are different in tastes. "SAI DEVOTEES" may appear the same but their experiences about "SAI" are of varied degree.