all life is sacred - a story from my garden and a quote from master chrism

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This year my husband dug a new vegetable garden and we are now enjoying the fruits of his labours.

Well when our cabbages were tiny my husband noticed that they were being eaten and felt that we would loose the crop unless we sprayed something on them. I asked him not to spray for then we would loose the organic quality of our food from the garden and neither did I want to kill the insects and creatures that were behaving in their own natural way. since my kundlaini awakened I cannot dileberatly kill any creature for I know that all life is sacred - I also find that I can communicatie with them no matter how small they are - And so to the amusement of my dear beloved I began to talk to the insects and slugs that were in the cabbages - I asked them to eat only the outside row of cabbages and to leave the inner rows for us!

And guess what - that is exactly what happened the little guys did not eat the inner rows and munched away on the outside rows and we all share in the bounty of the garden. All life is sacred and beautiful.

Here is a quote that I like from my teacher Master Chrism on this subject ~

" All life is sacred and can be treated with the grace that it is. No life is greater or lessor than another.
Within the Kundalini context we listen to that real inner tactile divine communion and we learn to appreciate that which is here to give us strength and nourishment within the heavenly Kundalini transformation." - chrism

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Wow i like your sensitivity!

It is so beautiful!
You are sharing your thoughts with little creatures.
Sensitivity is the only way of real communication.

Yes it is very true that we are less sensitive.

bonya basu | Wed, 06/20/2012 - 18:42
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What a delightful post.

All life is sacred and divine.
Divinity in all shapes sizes and forms.


MAI | Thu, 06/21/2012 - 13:41