All the incarnations are one and the same

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All the incarnations are one and the same from the point of the God existing in all these incarnations.

All the incarnations are one and the same from the point of the God existing in all these incarnations. The wires may differ from the point of the metals with which they are made, but the current existing in them is one and the same. God (current) in all these incarnations is with the unimaginable power by which a specific incarnation can appear as any other incarnation and can attain the qualities of such incarnation.

The Satguru is thus not differing from any incarnation from the point of not only God, but also from the point of external medium. When God in the Satguru wishes, He can appear as any incarnation in no time through a divine vision with the same qualities. Therefore, you must treat the present Satguru as not only absolute God but also as any relative incarnation like Shiva, Narayana, Rama, Hanuman etc (Yatirvai Devatah….Veda).

My friends! by this do not assume that I am your Satguru and hence I am giving all this information about Me. I am giving only the general concept. The identification of Satguru is a different topic. Devotees identify different Satgurus. All those different Satgurus may be God because God can come down in various human forms at a time. Hence you need not quarrel among yourselves. But this does not mean that all Satgurus selected by different devotees must be necessarily God because if the procedure of the analysis to identify Satguru is not proper, a devotee may select a pseudo Satguru.

If the procedure is correct and hence uniform, the selected Satgurus must be the simultaneous human incarnations of God or at least must be the partial incarnations. Both these possibilities exist. Therefore, select your Satguru by the proper procedure given by the scripture and by associating it with a deep sharp analysis. You are applying lot of analysis in useless worldly matters. Why don’t you apply analysis in such most important spiritual matter, which is going to decide your eternal future? Do not select the Satguru just by your emotional and temporary experience and select a prostitute as wife. Scripture and analysis should be used.

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Jai shree Guru datta

Jai shree Guru datta

jcooldeep | Wed, 12/20/2017 - 18:28