All Hail The Wise Master Wannabe!

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All Hail The Wise Master Wannabe!

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The Wise Master Wannabe forgets that it’s all a game and so he takes his koans and “pointers” seriously. He misunderstands that his credibility is not in his words but the relationships that his words help facilitate.

He reads out of the “Great Book” and, intellectually, he’s got the rules down pat. Unfortunately, he fails to understand that transcendence is an infinite game with no outcome. One can be transcendent, but never transcend. One can be non-dual and never leave duality.

This makes no sense to the Wise Master Wannabe who is what he says he is, rather than what he is.

The Wise Master Wannabe is alienated from his world, but relates deeply to his words and is profoundly intimate with his concepts. For the Wise Master Wannabe, it all comes down to his understanding that you don’t understand. You must be ignorant for the Wise Master Wannabe to be wise.

This contrast is never lost on the Wise Master Wannabe and he will make certain it is not lost on you.

The Wise Master Wannabe is undisclosed and unrevealed and you will only know him by the rules he teaches, which have been passed down for centuries. He rides the great wave of theory, but crashes upon the rocks of authentic experience, and eventually it shows. Therefore, he must always keep his distance for fear of exposure.

He does this by exposing you.

The Wise Master Wannabe fails to recognize that a true "wise master" is not pithy quotes or snappy non-dual "pointers," but rather, an understanding of the student in the hope that the student will understand him… that they both may learn.
However, the Wise Master Wannabe can never be wrong, since even his errors are nothing more than a mirror of you. The Wise Master Wannabe righteously denies he has a "tale" to tell, but will quickly judge you for telling one of your own. The Wise Master Wannabe is invulnerable to your pain, but seethes from your impudence. Nevertheless, he is detached, dissociated, derealized, disengaged...but very determined.

He is really no one at all and, for the Wise Master Wannabe, so are "you."

Yet, the Wise Master Wannabe is necessary. Essentially, all Wise Master Wannabes want the world to experience perfection and love and who could blame them for that. They ache to be free and although they often fail to find a conduit for which to extend, they cannot ignore the desire to share (although they will deny that it makes any difference to the "illusion").

Nevertheless, they keep the fires burning, while our embers may have long since died.

Although they incessantly repeat their tediously dull mantras of oneness and perfection, paradoxically, it is their lack of understanding that may inadvertently provoke us all to finally understand.

All hail the Wise Master Wannabe!

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like the link

like the link

chantelle poisson | Mon, 09/10/2012 - 12:55
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Choices...brain circuitry

Hahaha...interesting link
Hard wired indeed.


MAI | Tue, 09/18/2012 - 13:14