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There can be no freedom unless you discover your own way and path. Even though way is ancient yet one has to discover it himself. All these talks about Being ,Freedom ,Acceptence,and all such will not help. One may know them well and speculate very nicely yet it will not help the person. only when one seeks and understands them in his way then only it helps.
The words like "enlightenment" or "being" or " natural state" has become corrupt. We may be be just using the words just too often. But we have to see that What do they mean to us. Most of the time we only repeat them mentally and go on even without waiting for a moment to ponder over what they are mean.
The very need to to become Natural/peaceful/happy/aware is sometimes causing more unnaturalness/disturbence/unhappiness/unawarenwss. This is just pathetic.
Find what you need actualy, what exactly you are looking for without any pressue from any social, religious or spritual authority. May be you will find that you do not seek anything at all. That is graetest reward!!!!

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Discovering own path does not mean refraining from being assiste

I liked what you wrote.

Even the discovery of own path be better foresaken. But this is too radical for most of us. In any case, it is important to emphasis that discovering our own path does not mean avoiding to be assisted by more experienced ones which some who are introvert find uneasy and thus try to avoid based on a variety of ideologies and excuses. The same way we go and consult with a medical doctor or an architect about less important issues, we shouldn't have a problem to consult a guru regarding our spiritual conduct.

sisi | Mon, 10/26/2009 - 12:17