All Being Done

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Sitting here at my desk this morning in the first blush of an Atlanta, Georgia Spring, I can hear the birds tweeting themselves. It is a symphony of beauty that surges in this beautiful flow of life. It is a reminder that all is being done.

Sitting quietly in stillness, I am aware of observing the breath and body and that which watches and observes even that. I am That, yet can sense what is arising in consciousness as the Supreme allowing all. Walking the earth for the years I have, there is a sense of miraculousness. Not so much the garlanded vestiges of accomplishments or rusted and broken failures but the small minute miracles that allow all to be without a ‘me’ knowing or doing anything to preserve or forward it. I am not concentrating on breathing or circulating blood, yet it happens. I do not digest my food after swallowing or perform the tasks of extracting nutrients and elimination, yet that also happens in this vessel called ‘me’.

Among billions of other ‘me’s’, there is ‘I’, this ‘I’ is the billions yet ‘I’ Am ‘I’. The great ‘I Am That I Am’ is ‘I’, 'I’ am That miraculously connected and alive through grace beyond mystery, yet knowing beyond all else ‘I’ exist and I am taking place and have taken place and will continue to eternally take place in the Supreme Oneness of existence. This ‘I’ can barely boil water, yet ‘I’ have been taken care of in this body with the best of foods among the best of beings among the most discomforting of times and conditions. ‘I’ have felt the warmth of life on my face and the spark of health in my bones, the brush of death over my weakened frame and the comfort of summer, winter, spring and fall.

‘I’ have received love unmerited and unfounded and have been turned away in the best of intentions and circumstances. ‘I’ have failed so many times in so many areas that the I-Self should be nothing more than trodden dust, yet this day the spirit is effulgent, renewed and joyful in ways that defy explanation. I am ever grateful, ever thankful, ever honored by the mystery, love and beauty of the Supreme allowing this experience, one drop of which lights an eternity. Goodness and Mercy have followed me all the days of my life.

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Lovely I enjoyed it. OM

I enjoyed it.

madan_gautam | Fri, 03/06/2009 - 13:41
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Great piece!

Very deep and well-expressed introspection. Thank you, it helped me to sort out something.

sharonk | Fri, 03/06/2009 - 23:22