All about Creation

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All about Creation

In Maha Pralaya the awareness in this world disappears because the awareness associated with the initial (primordial) energy also disappears. This means, God is not willing to see the cinema any more or to participate in the cinema. Then the movable items of cinema have become immovable i.e. living items became inert items. All the souls have become parts of the inert film. Everything has become the inert energy only (sat). Science also agrees to this. Only God along with inert energy containing the inert design is left over. This is the state of ‘Ekaki’ (alone) God is still in Saguna state only because the energy along with designs covers God as “Upadhi”.

The ‘Nirguna’ state (absolutely alone) of God, which existed before the first creation, is never achieved because the inert film is never destroyed. Since everything except God that exists is inert only, the state of ‘Ekaki’ is maintained as before the first creation. Therefore the world exists as “Sat” (inert energy) before and after the dissolution of creation, where as during the existence of the creation, it exists as sat and chit.

When the sat is associated with the property of chit, the drama is alive as the running show, giving entertainment to God. During Maha Pralaya, ‘chit’ disappears and everything remains only as inert energy ‘sat’. Therefore, before the second creation, the sat existed along with the design (Avyaktam) which is not expressed. The absence of ex-pression of the design is meant by ‘Asat’, which was the word used for the same sat with design. The second sat means that the design is expressed which means the cinema started again.

The first stage is pure science. In this we analyze the nature (Prakruti) and conclude that the womb of the mother is the root cause of the birth of the child. This womb is a part of the mother only and is not the father, which is the chit or awareness. The child does not realize the father as its root cause because the interaction of the father is a hidden secret and should be only inferred (Anumanam) and not perceived (Pratyaksham). The biology, which is the scripture and the inference are only the two means to realize the father as the cause of the birth. Kalidasa says that the father can be understood from the inference obtained from scriptures (Aaptavaaganumaanaabhyaam Saadhyam…). The soul as awareness goes into its basic form, which is the inert energy in the time of deep sleep or in dissolution state. This inert energy is Parashakti or Brahman or more specifically referred as karya Brahman is the first item of the creation.

This is inert because it is under the control of its source, which is God (Parabrahman). This is called as Mahat Brahma in the Gita, which is the first cover (Upadhi) of God. By this, for the first time, the attributeless (Nirguna) Brahman or God becomes Saguna, which means God is qualified by the medium. When the will or awareness enters this inert energy from God, the inert energy generates the plan of world as issue. The Gita says the same (Tasmin garbham…). This is concept of hidden Father and visible mother. This is a joint approach of philosophy and science. One accepts both inference and perception together. This is the concept of God and Para Shakti (first created inert energy), which is charged by God called as Brahma and awareness-energy called as Saraswati. Both these as creator and first creation are treated as father and daughter. Then the entry of God into the energy is like the secret union of father and mother. The energy then materializes into matter, which is Lakshmi (wealth). All materialized forms appear as issues. The hidden father is not visualized by scientists. The theists agree the Father and Mother as the cause of creation. They do not leave the perceived basis as mother but accept the inferred Father.

Without understanding this inner concept, people have misinterpreted that Brahma married His own daughter. The concept should not materialize totally in the given simile. There is no object in the creation, which can stand as exact simile to God, the creator. If you leave the science and travel with the philosophy only, the father-daughter concept comes by which you can understand that God created even that first creation (energy).