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“Man to Superman”
Complete transformation of Mankind by
“A technique more advanced than Genetic engineering”

Aurobindo was the only person in mankind’s history, to predict “Divine transformation of mankind”, and Guru Siyag is the only person who has made millions of people to realize and visualize this fact, practically.In other word’s, we can regard it as a “Advanced technique than Genetic engineering”.

Even a mere lifeless Photograph of Guru Siyag is inducing automatic yogic kriya's or physical body movements (lifeless Photo controls human body), during the state of spiritual meditation, as per the "Method of Meditation".
If some one does not get immediate result, due to lack of positive approach, he can try it out on other people, even a 5 years Child can do it.

To acquire knowledge or learn it, we have to approach the Guru (Master or Teacher) with a view point of a disciplined student, not with our mind full of suspicion, Ego and negative thoughts. If we approach Guru Siyag's Siddha Yoga with a Positive mind, nobody can stop us from getting practical result, sitting in any corner of the world.

Do you think Americans are less hard workers than Indians? , just a few day’s back, I came across a news about the prevailing economic crisis, saying that many were unable to pay even the electricity bills, their hard work was unable to stop the financial crisis. Are the scientists not working hard? They are unable to find a permanent cure for diseases. The BSE sensex crashed from 21000 to 9000, hard work could not prevent it.

The highest achievement of hard work is in the form of a huge stock of weapons of mass destruction, sufficient to destroy the world hundreds of times.

In spite of all hard work by international security agencies, most of the countries are being hit by terrorist attacks, killing innocent people; the terrorism is growing at alarming rate.
In spite of all these signs of our minds failure, we are still not ready to accept the limitations of our Brain, Mind and Science.

The time has come, when we must look beyond our ‘Mind’ and Science, to discover the “Super Mind” and “Superman hood” in this Human Body, in other words, we must develop our Body and Mind to attain the next higher version of present form of Human Being. Overcome all the limitations of this present form of human body and science, solving each and every problem of the entire World. It is nothing but the evolutionary process of ‘Beings’ or living organisms, which are undergoing continuous process of development, evolving into higher form of species.

Guru Siyag, a Spiritual Science Guru from Jodhpur town of Rajasthan state in India has introduced a ‘Practical Method’ to attain the “Next stage of development” in human beings. Guru Siyag’s method is based on the solid principles of ancient Indian Yoga Philosophy. Guru Siyag has proved it to be a complete science; Vedic Science gives results which can overcome all the draw backs and side effects of modern science. Guru Siyag is the founder and patron of AVSK: Adhyatma Vigyan Satsang Kendra, Jodhpur, INDIA (Spiritual Science Commune Centre).

Guru Siyag’s method is termed as Siddha Yoga; many people mistakenly take it as the prevailing form of ‘Yoga’ for health, which is a mere physical exercise, an artificial form resembling only a single part of ‘Yoga’. Where as the ‘Real Yoga’ has nothing to do with this artificial physical exercise kind of ‘Yoga’.

Guru Siyag has proved that the ‘Real Siddha Yoga’ aims at the complete and next development of human body to attain a divine bodily form, in other words, attaining ‘Super Mind’ and ‘Superman hood’. The changes observed in millions of People who follow Guru Siyag’s Siddha Yoga method, is a clear proof of this fact.

Guru Siyag's Siddha Yoga has given practical results in solving man made problems, curing the so called incurable diseases like Cancer, Arthritis, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Mental stress and AIDS without medicine, getting rid of all kinds of drug and other addictions without any after effects are only a few of its practical benefits. It is not at all a subject matter of blind belief or faith, and it can be verified practically.

Just take a careful look at the past history of Incarnations as per the Vedanta philosophy-
Matsya Avatar (incarnation) indicates the evolution and development of living Organisms in water, from single celled Amoeba to multi celled organisms.
Kasyap Avatar (incarnation) represents the next development in Living Organism, developing species like tortoise, crocodile etc., as now it was able to live in water as well as on land, the work not done by matsya was achieved by kasyap.
Then Varah incarnation arrived to bring about the next development, making the Living organisms able to live on Land, equipped with enhanced capabilities than the previous Version (Kasyap).
Narasimha incarnation indicates the next stage of development, developing Animals to Humans.
The development process went on in the form of Vamana, Parshurama, Ram and Krishna. Every Incarnation carried out the Next Development in the "Being".

It clearly indicates that every Incarnation represents the different stages of development process of living organisms on earth, as per the evolutionary development process. Each incarnation achieved a higher goal than the previous incarnations, and what was not achieved by all the past incarnations, will be achieved by the 10th incarnation called "Kalki", and this process of next development has already begun, leading towards the evolution of ‘Super mind and Superman hood’.
Not only Vedanta Philosophy( Presently known as Hinduism), but even other world religions like Christianity and Judaism are also declaring about the same “Person” but in different names called “The Comforter” or the “Next Prophet”, this is a “Amazing similarity of the world Religions”.

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Incarnation is overrated

I don't think there is an aim for incarnation. Looking for an aim for something means we think this something is not natural, doesn't make sense, it should had a good reason otherwise it wouldn't be.

Looking for an aim for something also means that we think this something is very extraordinary.

Incarnation is not special: As with all other kinds of energies, the energy of an entity (human, frog, flower) cannot vanish and therefore manifests in a new thing that looks alive.

Incarnation is not extraordinary: it is not personal, it is not you who incarnates just the conditioned tendencies, there is no room for a fuss.

avi | Sun, 06/21/2009 - 09:31
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"What is born must in due course die. The objective body will thereafter be dissolved and irrevocably annihilated. What was once a sentient being will be destroyed, never to be reborn. But the consciousness is not objective, not a thing at all. Therefore, consciousness is neither born nor dies, and certainly cannot be 'reborn'."

Ramesh Balsekar

Phroggy | Sun, 06/21/2009 - 20:05
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please reconsider

"What is born must in due course die."

This statement is very untrue.

i know ever since you were a little child
you have been told Death is a Natural part of life

many have conquered death
and others have been researching them
for a long time.

Please read the link thoroughly
he gives names and dates, even explanations
and he is only one researcher

We have been misinformed about nature since we were young
We have been misinformed about Death

Saint Vallallaar achieved light body while living
he physically converted his flesh and bone into light
Much like the famous man who left only a sandal in his grave

Heavenly light body Taoists call it
Jesus achieved the same

The world is full of examples if you know where too look
Immortality is natural
Death is not

I could argue this with God
and be right
God can see for himself the truth of it
I hope with a little solid research
you can do the same


Mr jack | Fri, 05/01/2015 - 17:38
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I doubt whether the author who seems to be a disciple of Guru Ramlal Siyag has been transformed. The talking of transformation of mankind seems ridiculous.

Nathyogi | Thu, 04/30/2015 - 11:15