Age of Spirituality

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There is Science and a Supreme Science.

The Supreme Science goes beyond science
to reveal everything that science must hide
so science's matter, “reality,” can appear real.

Science deals with everything that appears to change:
all the “thoughts” that appear to come out of NOW
only to vanish back into it.

The Supreme Science ignores everything that appears to change
to focus on what never changes: NOW, the “Universal Spirit.”

Science defines matter: and the Supreme Science is all about “spirit”
that matter must hide to appear real.

Two thousand years ago
Spirituality defined man's “reality”
then religions came along to deceive its victims
NOT with any god
but its, religion's, matter. (religion's god is simply a part of religion's deception: matter.)

Science and religion appear to be opponents overtly
so covertly they can work together
to make religion's matter appear more real.

Religion's science came along
to deceive religion's victims
even better with religion's and then science's matter.

For over two thousand years
Religions and their science keep deceiving mankind into their age of matter, materialism.

… there is no such thing as change
but a new “appearance of change”:
… the Supreme Science
penetrates the deception of matter
into an Age of Spirituality.

– O'no