After the Rain

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The end of denial comes of it's own accord
The end of pretence

"The quality of mercy
Is not strain'd"

The heart breaks open with all the pain that's been held inside for millennia

The end of guilt
The end of shame
The end of blame

Face to face with who you are
And who you've been
Or who you'll ever be

A natural honesty steps in

What's not natural
Even the feeling of contrivance
Comes naturally

The charade is seen for what it is

No one knows how this happens

Or how the cards that were stacked
Into a veritable castle
Buttressed up
Come cascading down

The mind sees through it's own charade

And all defences lay down their arms

There's utter rest

And the walls of Jericho
Crumble and fall
At the trumpet's call

Right here
Was always
The promised land

It's a tremendous relief

It breaks open the collective hurt and anger

That surrounded itself

With defences
Of canons and barbed wire fences

An army
Armed to the hilt

The legions of the self

When it goes to war
With itself

Even Pol Pot's army
Pales in comparison

Don Quixote
Flaying at windmills

It all falls away

A great uncontrived love and compassion arises in it's wake


Colouring the landscape
In multitude hues

The magic of a heartland

Washed clean
Of a life time of anguish and pain

The end of pretence

Under that garb

There was simply no one pretending

There was not even
Nothing there

A rainbow explodes
In the skies

After the rain

And a healing
Of the heart

Nothing was ever broken
There was nothing to mend

Tears flow free fall

Drowning in it's deluge
All the could have been
The ought to have been
And the way it should be

The beauty and wonder strikes
Like a lightening bolt
Deeply felt palpitations
In every heart

And every heart
With the same melodious tune
Hauntingly beautiful

It was ever
Only your own heart beating
Laughing and weeping

Your own heart singing


The unstruck sound
Of the strains of this orchestra playing

And heart songs begin to flow
As the river joyfully tumbles into the ocean

Nothing is lost
Nothing found

There was no one who was lost
And is now found

There was not even nothing
Under the hat

This great magic show

The white rabbit


The drum roll

A clap of thunder

Awakening to itself


The awe and wonder of being

The majesty of a once parched land

Bursts into blossoms

After the rain