Advise needed for self rightious yoga teacher

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I have recently come into contact with a yoga teacher that has started talking with a self righteous demeanor and has carried on like this for well over a month now. It only gets worse and worse. Instead of focusing on herself and improving herself she picks at other teachers and all of their dirty laundry and misdoings. Is there some scripture or divine knowledge that I can give to her to show her that there is a better way to handle anger vented toward the way others do things because this clearly is not the way.

Any help is appreciated.

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Self rightious teachers

you can not change her path no matter what you scripts or books you give her. This her journey but it does not have to be yours.
Have you told her how this constant criticism makes you feel? clearly it has a negative affect on you.
Om Shanti

Ganapati | Thu, 01/27/2011 - 08:25
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yoga teacher

I don't know if you have resolved this matter, i hope so, but if not then my advice would be, find another yoga class with a different teacher. If this is not possible then ask her not to go on about other teachers to you as when you finish your yoga, you cannot meditate properly as you have her negative comments in your mind and find it hard to concentrate and you would prefer to leave the class renewed and peaceful.
It seems as though she feels threatened by these other teachers in some way, why else find fault?.
There are no Professionals in this world, some people are good at their jobs and some people are slightly better and ther is always someone who will find fault with both.

OM shanti Shanti

Shogon | Sun, 02/27/2011 - 20:33
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u want u r teach a lesson very good she deserve it first i have some questions fr u 1. what u know about yoga 2.why u want 2 learn yoga ....if give these answers i will send the material u asked the divine power protect u day & night in all places,all act
vies ***vazhga vallmudan***

sriram | Sun, 04/03/2011 - 06:44