Advanced Self Inquiry Meditation Technique

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"In meditation,

one of the greatest
things you can do
is become aware
of how thought identification

Become aware
of the process
of thoughts arising
and the action of
being attached
to identifying with
those thoughts.

There is a feeling
of contraction behind it,
a feeling of stress.

A feeling of constantly
holding on to something
that is flying all over the place.

And if you can recognize that
then you can begin
to let go of it.

You can begin to
rest in non attachment
where thoughts
are never even given
the power to fully become
a thought.

You will find
if you remain
to thinking,

the power that
makes thinking happen
and thoughts can
slow down and even
stop altogether.

And then what is left
is impersonal radiance,
a power that expands
and consumes everything
that may arise
back into itself
like a blazing fire
of consciousness.

So you see
it is not what you know,
how you act,
or even what your experience is
that is important.

We are looking behind
all of that.

We are looking at the
first action of identification
that turns the whole thing
into a personal you
with a personal mind
and a personal story.

We are breaking
that attachment
to creating that identification
and recognizing
what is left.

Remaining in what is left.

It may not be blissful
or peaceful or loving.

You can't look
to get something out of it.

You are stopping
the creation of what
is looking for bliss
in the first place
to remain in what is
undeniably here
underneath it all.



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