Advaita Vedanta

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"Absolute Monism is the core belief of the Hindu philosophy of Advaita Vedanta."

is everything that can be said and read
about the ONE (monism)
that thoughts make NONE, NOW.

this ONE that thoughts make NONE is TIME=0, NOW, SELF,
dreamless-sleep, death - alias suicide,
Physics' Quantum Gap,Unified Field
the Hindu Kundalini, Samadhi.

NOW makes things APPEAR to happen
while it APPEARS "dormant"
... it can rarely explode like a planet-obliterating earthquake, eruption
to make appearances vanish
in a reverse “Big Bang”
that makes the universe vanish
into it-SELF, NOW,
the ONE that thoughts make NONE,

reality is all about the thoughts, fiction,
(physics' particles/waves)
that APPEAR out of Time=0
only to vanish back into it.
This APPEARANCE of coming and going is fiction, thoughts,
and its deception called Time.

When the thought “Time” APPEARS real
then Time's experts call it “reality”
because it makes them also appear real.

– really, Really; REALLY.

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mechanical issues

Hey G..How do you see yourself?
As a particle or a wave? Quantum theory does state it is dependent on the observer.
And would you still exist without the all pervasive Higgs Field that allows you form by the way of mass?

Imagine that..A formlessness that gives rise to form...

Quantum theory is fun

B-friend | Sun, 07/25/2010 - 17:29
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"Hey G..How do you see yourself?"

Hi B-friend:

I used to think that my mind and its body was really, Really; REALLY real.
But more and more
SELF, Kundalini, makes me APPEAR less and less real:
which makes me feel AT-BEST
a little real.

(I can ONLY appear as real as Physics' ONLY certainty,
-- its Uncertainty Principle --
allows me to be. )

--really, Really; REALLY.

genep | Sun, 07/25/2010 - 18:30
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NOT feeling very real

Not Feeling very real
might not seem like much
but it is God's worst nightmare.

Whenever things start appearing unreal
the whole universe goes crazy
with the likes of its cure or kill, Kill, KILL
just so it can continue to appear not only real
but really, Really; REALLY real.

--really, Really; REALLY

genep | Sun, 07/25/2010 - 18:52
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Life's a ____ and then you die.

Being an illusion is a b*tch isnt it? lol

Nothing is real and whatever seems real is dependent on the minds ability to make it so. "God's worst nightmare" is an appropriate analogy. That's how it feels. Stuck in a dream not because you theorize it's a dream but because it has now become a lucid dream since you've somehow woken to it's illusory nature which makes it a nightmare. WHERE IS THE REALNESS!!! There's a madness and insanity in a "world of lies" for a "seeker" of truth. I mean how can you use a lie(the mind) to seek, find, and observe truth? Sourcing the mind, does yield a clue. Mind is dependent on perception. Sourcing the ability to perceive must lead to the fact that an awareness to perceive must exist. It is easy to confuse mind with awareness. But the two are not the same. Is it possible to separate the two?

B-friend | Mon, 07/26/2010 - 04:30
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Hello again B-Self-Friend
I'm curious thou....Can you elaborate on your interpretation... and/or/any/ it's differing between Mind, It's Thoughts
...lets toss Emotions also in the barrel yes??

...a longggg time ago... SomeONE ask me...."How are you"?
....Guess what happened?....LOLLLL....Self fired a Blank sorta speak;) lemme just say...there wasn't awareness nor consciousness for what seemed to be eternity...nor did any thoughts nor emotions pop in/up
....NOT even a word like Blank and/or empty made it throu....eventually was I able to mutter lemme THINK....yet regardless, my thinking didnt help me either...
ONLY ( some time) afterwards, did Self allow words to sur-FISH...just so, I would have a GOoD l@@k at all THAT, that appears to differ....just a Thought;)

When Self got sick of his saints
and bored with guru's
he created me ...
to LAUGH at Everythingggg

they took seriously.

B-Self, Eternal Infinite Sri Fukkamee Swami

Bercano | Tue, 07/27/2010 - 02:36