Advaita's Origin

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Advaita's Origin:

Over five thousand years ago
Sages around the Indus River in India
discovered a “science,” the Supreme Science,
that literally blew their minds.

They used everything they could imagine: meditation, dreams, hallucinations, language, fiction … to study how thoughts work ( more specifically: how fiction, words, thoughts, APPEAR to work.)

From this study of thoughts, the Supreme Science, we get the Monism or Nonduality that experts would twist and torture for their gods into a word called: Advaita.

These Sages were “geniuses” long before the word was twisted and tortured to keep the gods happy.

When these Sages used their meditation/dreams/hallucinations/words-language to compare the thoughts they tried to observe – something happened that is far beyond the limits of science, humanities and religions:

ONE: without a shadow of doubt they ALL agreed to what they together UNIVERSALLY “realized.”

TWO: they realized they had/were an OMNIPOTENT AUTHORITY that gods cannot fathom only respect and even fear.

they ALL agreed to what they unanimously realized with this “OMNIPOTENT Authority”
that ALL scriptures must fanatically hide
just so the best sadists and perverts can pretend to be priests, saints and even gods.

Words that express this OMNIPOTENT AUTHORITY
that only Self, Now, Samadhi...
(the One that thoughts make None, NOW)
has, because there is no other:

“I'm a really, Really, nice guy
but piss me off
and your god will cheer
when you beg me to kill you.”

and then some

“I'm a really, Really; REALLY nice guy
but if you really piss me off
it will rapture YOUR god into ecstasy
when I gladly butcher and slaughter everyone and everything you value in life
just so you can then beg me to kill you.”

-- really, Really; REALLY.

If this OMNIPOTENT AUTHORITY does not blow the mind
then it can be used to re-read the Bhagavad Gita
that tries to use a god, Krishna,
to try and explain it: this, Self's, OMNIPOTENT AUTHORITY.

Each one has/is this OMNIPOTENT AUTHORITY
but the same deception
that makes gods respect and even fear it
prevents billions and billions from realizing it.
– really, Really; REALLY.