Adi Shakti

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Shri Adi Shakti
"In Vedic mythology, a fabled dawn time existed in the distant past, when human beings had direct contact with the divine intelligence emanating from Brahma—the seat of creative power and intelligence in the cosmos. This archaic Golden Age (the Satya Yuga) lasted some 4800 years. After the Golden Age ended, humanity entered a denser era, that of the Silver Age, lasting only 3600 years. In this age, humanity’s connection with the source was dimmed, and sacrifices and spiritual practices became necessary to preserve it. The Bronze Age followed, and humanity forgot its divine nature. Empty dogmas arose, along with indulgence in materialism. Next we entered the Kali Yuga—in which we remain today—where the human spirit suffers under gross materialism, ignorance, warfare, stupidity, arrogance, and everything contrary to our divine spiritual potential. As the teachings tell, Kali, the creator-destroyer Goddess, will appear at the end of Kali Yuga to sweep away the wasted detritus of a spirit-dead humanity, making way for a new cycle of light and peace."

The power or active aspect of God Almighty is the Adi Shakti. Brahman is unchanging consciousness. Adi Shakti is His changing Power which appears as mind and matter. Adi Shakti is the embodiment of His Power. Shakti runs this world-show. Shakti maintains the sportive play or Lila of the Lord. Shakti is the supporter of the vast universe. She is the supreme Power by which the world is upheld. She is the Universal Mother. She is Durga, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Kali, Chandi, Chamundi, Tripurasundari and Rajarajesvari. Shakti is Lalita, Kundalini and Parvati. There is no difference between God Almighty and His Shakti, just as there is no difference between the sun and its light.

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ADI SAKTI is also known as MAHAMAYA . Maa KALI is deemed to be the source of SAKTI - Power. AKASH K BANIk

akbanik | Sat, 12/04/2010 - 02:27