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The sum of our daily spiritual actions
Long experience had with solving problems has given me a reliable technique which I wish to share with you all. My students and I have learnt some important tips and daily actions to be carried out in order to have many more successful moments in our productive lives.
It is when we show a genuine and strong desire of self-improvement and we have tried several mental-spiritual approaches when we have been able to have discovered something very valuable.
It has been throughout ten years of meeting for guided mediations and at the end sharing our personal experiences when we discovered some common factors. We learnt that it is when we meditate to share our insights when peaceful divine inspiration has been grasped by our inner-selves.
The present article was born precisely because of the urgent need to be a reliable guide to you and to myself.
To my mind came the following thought regarding the correct elimination of our bad habits and at the same time the creation of new ones, to serve as substitutes of our bad habits. What different techniques should we use? To my mind immediately came this idea; if our sense of smelling is the one that remembers the most, then why don't we use it in order not to lose sight the correct elimination of our bad habits working together with the use of affirmations? Well, these affirmations must be logical and posses the goal to benefit many more people and not only ourselves. Let's visualize the numerous benefits on our love ones as we eliminate this bad habit.

Affirmations prerecorded using a triple repetition and having a four second pause interval between each similar affirmation and accompanied with harmonious soft music together with the burning of first quality Indian incense.
Recent discoveries made by experts on cognitive behavior have informed us that olfactory nerve affects greatly the remains of our third eye. And if our third eye is closely linked to all the important levels of our subconscious mind, then it will be through the smelling sense, tapping and pleasant sounds that we'll succeed in entering easily, first from our objective mind into our subjective mind, and from there into our subconscious mind. We also discovered that every person using his/her personal mantra used as closing our meetings made the realization of our desires faster and easily.
Our subconscious mind doesn't ask questions and it easily accepts logical suggestions, never commands.
It uses all data stored in it to work, to help us making daily decisions by showing us all the information referring to a specific topic. Neither does our objective mind. It is fully responsible for our perceptions. It is our subjective mind the one responsible for keeping functioning well our memory files, habits, will power, imagination and reasoning powers. It is our subconscious mind the one nearer to God's Laws. Our intuitions belong to this mind. This is why our intuition has been our reliable guide.

This time I'm going to give you some homework. If you have the bad habit of procrastinating and you really desire to stop this, then it would be a wonderful idea to study carefully this article before recording the affirmations with a gentle voice accompanied with a soft background music and more importantly as you listen to these prerecorded affirmations tap the top of your head several times before you stat tapping on your chest and you will finish by tapping on your left wrist using the fingertips of your right hand.
Our action is to share our experiences using this technique; so many more people have the advantages and great benefits derived from these basic actions. Please share your experiences with us. This technique was to eliminate a bad habit, so next week we will create a new habit to substitute the space which this habit occupied in our brain. So ask questions and share your experiences in order to design correctly our next blog entry.
With immense waves of brotherly sincere love;