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At every point of even minimal self-awareness, I feel an ache just below my ribcage. To the 'me' it's not a pleasant feeling. I have attributed countless reasons for its existence, all of which have led into more confusion.
I recently came to the realization that it was something I clearly couldn't control, and that had it some root cause that I wasn't helping by thinking about.
The most powerful advice given about it, and the most simple, was to stop judging it, and to let it be, absolutely, without distortion (labeling it as 'unpleasant', or as a problem). All you are left with is the feeling itself, without a conception of good or bad.
Is this feeling the true identity?
Could someone share their own experience with the tugging/ache sensation in their own bodies....


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Related to a change of breathing as a result of awareness

I have encountered such a case once - it relates to a very sublime but very significant change in the pattern of breathing as a consequence of change of awareness. The best way is not to turn it into a big issue because it is not - when you start feeling it take very deep breaths, in and out and continue with the self awareness. It will vanish with time.

The practice of Vipassana is based on this connection between body sensations and feelings/emotions/conditioning. You can read more at

seeker | Tue, 05/18/2010 - 08:11