Ācharyagüru Swami Shri Chidananda Bharati ji Wordings

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Ācharyagüru Swami Shri Chidananda Bharati ji (Acharyaguru of Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda) : "Ati (Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji) is truly not my sishya, yet he followed the true path of sishya. Again I am saying, one may not find such a sishya like Him, but again none is like Him as a Guru, but He is not a Guru too, He is a AtiGuru. His learning is based on the sitting down and near, it is the true way. You learn by listening, imbibing and becoming aware of each moment of learning, this allows your inner spirit to find space within the heart of the Acharya and it connects its roots to it. I am not a Guru to Him, for He does not have a Guru in form, even Parapramata Parameshti-guru ji was a form only to break the form. Illusion can be broken by another forceful illusion. Ati has never said that nobody is a Guru, He has accepted every single person in life as a Guru and Acharya but those are our terms, you may also consider me to be the Siksha Guru, but can a mere mortal like me teach something which the Adi brahmanda arupa has given Him. We should have been truly the disciples of the same Adi Brahmanda arupa but our conditions have stopped us. He is the true Child of Light, a Avasi Adva, as Atiashrami He has one Father the nameless, formless one. It is that father He calls and He obeys, He calls it Isāál; the unnamed, mystical, unknown force. The name was accepted, thus this Name is not to be blasphemed or desecrated. It is to be treated with reverential awe because it is the essence of the one we truly are part of. Now tell me where is the contradiction."