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As young children, we all have been accepted by our parents. We have been taken care of by our parents, and at various stages of our young life, we have been understood by the school, by teachers, by our friends and in general by the same age group as ours. However, as we grow older - progressing on the path of this life - we find the level of acceptance from other people decreasing. We suddenly feel that we are alone. We find many responsibilities thrust on us, and that people do not acknowledge us to the level of our own expectation.

Our jobs may not accept our level of work, while our parents no longer accept our actions and the way we look at life. Acceptance; we suddenly find; is not what we thought it to be. We find that there is a very serious sense of dejection is us. Why is it so?

The answer to this question is very simple; we are constantly trying to please others and be accepted by them. Instead, when we put in an effort to please God, He immediately accepts our efforts since He has no expectations – unlike human beings. As soon as God accepts us, society follows automatically.

When society accepts us, it deems us successful instantly. Everybody listens to us. They think we are the leader. They feel we can motivate people. Leadership qualities are generated from within us, and it is accepted by the people around us. So, success is directly proportional to acceptance.

Without God’s acceptance, approval, blessings and grace, we will not be accepted by the society in which we live. We may try to device many ways and means to be successful in life, but if we are not accepted by God, there cannot be success in our materialistic life. Our human efforts may have failed many a time. We have probably tasted more failures than successes. Why is it so? It is because God has still not accepted us. Then how do we go about being accepted by God? How can we then access God? The question arises - who is God? What is this God to whom we should bow down – so that He could accept us?

Acceptance comes from our own selves. First, we must accept ourselves with all our talents as well as faults. After this, we should pray to God – who is within us in the form of our soul – “I am imperfect with many flaws in my character and thinking. Please accept me with all my defects and lead me towards perfection.” When we pray in this manner with total humility and surrender, God listens to us and is pleased. Since He has no ego like human beings, He will answer our prayer immediately.

Bowing down to the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Godhead, who is here in the form of the Divine Mother Nimishamba, let us thank Her for giving us assurance. We pray to Her to hold our hands and guide us, accept us, accept our devotion, love, faith and belief. We seek Her constant grace and blessings, asking Her to lead us to a better level of happiness, understanding and ultimately to prosperity and happiness. Let there be peace, peace and peace.

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I can sense your sincerity

I can sense your sincerity but disagree wholeheartedly with your premise. I sincerely appreciate the chance to talk about this idea, since I also fall prey to it sometimes, but I try not to believe it.

I assert that there is no material gain to spiritual maturation. God does as it wishes, no matter what we think, do or believe. Grace might find an easier route to you if you are more open, but you won't get anything that you wouldn't have gotten anyway. Spiritual maturity is only there so that we can get closer to God, not the other way around. God is already closer than your mind.

Tying material response to spiritual effort has the most potential frustration, pain, dissapointment and self-judgment of any philosophy I have ever heard. If you believe that the potential for pain (and suffering) is immense and probably unavoidable.

Also, predicting what God will do is as dangerous as predicting what fire will do. You might get lucky and escape burning, but you might not. It is only luck...God doesn't change for you.

Gilana | Wed, 04/21/2010 - 00:32