Accept & Allow -The Only Way to Transcend

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We are constantly desiring to have things be one way over another, which can cause allot of suffering. These desires and preferences for one side over another arise from the nature of duality. When we enter this world, we start tasting and experiencing within the realm of opposites and this leads us to become conflicted through comparisons. It is my understanding that the only way out of the suffering within this game of opposites is to embrace both sides fully, to learn to appreciate not just the soft and fuzzy moments, but also to learn to see the light in the dark, to see that the sun shines at both ends. In duality what we have are two sides of the same coin, that is, you cannot have sadness without having happiness, there can be no weakness without strength, and no wrong without a right, its a package deal--when you take one the other is right around the corner, they are inseparable. If one seeks peace through one side of duality at the exclusion of the other, then something will always be there to give us that bite in the ass.

To allow and accept unwanted feelings, thoughts and emotions can prove to be one of the most difficult things, especially since our values are weighed so heavily on characteristics such as strength, peace and happiness. Observe your own resistance patterns and you will see that allowing is not easy, but becomes less intense with practice. When there is no accepting and allowing of unwanted feelings, thoughts, and emotions to have complete space for expression, we remain in a state of resistance and there is suffering. Transcendence is not about overcoming, conquering, or getting rid of-- its about allowing and being okay without whatever is arising in the moment and loosing the desires for things to be one way over the other. True strength is unconditional, it is the Sun and has the capacity to allow and embrace both sides fully....strive to be the Sun, realize you are the Sun.

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Bingo - acceptance is the most valuable of the spiritual tools

True, acceptance is the most valuable of the spiritual tools.

It is one of the three which are actually three qualities of one attitude, all of them are actually non doing of something the mind habitually does: accept, observe, and then ignore.

Accept = not resisting = let everything be. This also means that you do not accept because you heard that this makes the pain go away (this is in fact just a more sophisticated resistance...) but with the aim to be able to live side by side with the pain and with the acceptance of the possibility that the pain might stay here for ever.

sonti | Sat, 03/12/2011 - 06:02
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Very well said.

Very well said. If you had to choose one spiritual attitude, one path, one technique, one method than no doubt it would be surrender.

I'm always surprised to realize how few really grasp the true essence of this simple approach of acceptance. It is so contradictory to our mind's default mode of operation, i.e., reaction of resisting. And others, simply overlook this prime principal as they overlook anything simple, conditioned to believe that major spiritual truths must be complicated and difficult.

I would recommend the following 3 superb to the point pieces that discusses the same issue:

nathan | Sat, 03/12/2011 - 12:20