The absolute truth

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The absolute truth is the knowledge about the absolute God and that is that God is unimaginable. This is the knowledge given by God to Sun, which is passed to Nachaketa through Saturn through Yama. Yama told that angels and sages have concluded that God cannot be understood in anyway. The practical proof for the existence of unimaginable God, the reason for God is unimaginable and the logic in the creation of universe from the unimaginable God are the three stages in the spiritual knowledge of the absolute unimaginable God. The proof for the unimaginable God is the existence of genuine miracles, which are the unimaginable events.

A true scientist must accept the truth and recognize the existence of real unimaginable events called as miracles, which are clearly different from the magic show. If you fail in the first phase, there is no need of any further discussions with you. In such case you are blind with the bias and prejudice of treating every miracle as magic show. The existence of false does not mean that there is no truth and everything is false. God is giving miraculous powers even to evil people so that the miracles are propagated in large scale. The punishment of misuse of these powers is a different angle. The other angle is propagation of these miracles in large scale so that everybody recognizes the existence of unimaginable entity through these events. Everybody is experiencing these miracles in the life period, but some are not recognizing these miracles in the genuine perspective. A miracle establishes the existence of unimaginable nature through the imaginable items. Krishna is an imaginable tender boy. The huge mountain is also an imaginable item.

The lifting of one object by other object is also imaginable work. With the help of all these imaginable entities, the unimaginable aspect of lifting the huge mountain by a tender small boy is established. This is unimaginable because no tender boy is able to lift a mountain. These miracles establish the source as the unimaginable entity called as God. The conclusion is that the unimaginable God exists in the imaginable tender boy called as Krishna only and not in any other human being. The second phase is the reason for the unimaginable nature of God. Everything in this world which has spatial dimensions is imaginable. The spatial dimensions may be very minute but can be recorded through sophisticated instruments and thus the minute entity becomes imaginable. Only an entity not having any spatial dimension becomes unimaginable. Therefore, the reason for the unimaginable nature is only the absence of spatial dimensions. Such an entity must be beyond space.

The third phase is the process of creation of this Universe from such unimaginable entity. There is a logical necessity for the generator of the Universe, which essentially includes space, not to have the spatial dimensions. The logic in the generation processes of worldly items is that the cause exists even in the absence of the effect. The lump of mud exists even if the pot is absent. The mud is the cause and pot is the effect. The imaginable entity having no spatial dimensions must be the cause of this Universe having spatial dimensions. The reason for this is that in the absence of the Universe, which means the absence of the space, the unimaginable entity having no spatial dimensions can exist. The absence of spatial dimension means the absence of space or Universe only. Therefore, the unimaginable God having no spatial dimensions must be the cause and the Universe or space having spatial dimensions must be the effect. Even if the space or universe disappears, the unimaginable God must be left over. Even if the pot is destroyed the mud is left over.

The process of creation of this imaginable space or universe from the unimaginable God must be also unimaginable. The reason is that the process of generation of one imaginable item from another imaginable item is imaginable as we observe in the worldly processes like generation of pot from mud. In fact, space is subtle energy and is something. It is not vacuum which is nothing. Hence there is nothing like nothing. The space bends around the boundaries of the object as per special theory of relativity. Nothing can bend. Something only bends. In Veda it is said that God created space in the beginning and in the same Veda it is also said that God created energy in the beginning. There is no contradiction because space is energy. All this is the spiritual knowledge about the absolute unimaginable God. This is the Brahma Jnana in nutshell.