Absolute Consciousness is Looking through Your Eyes

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"It is helpful to recognize
that the one infinite consciousness
is looking through your eyes;
is aware of this moment
through and as your form.

If you really look,
you will see it is not
'your consciousness" that is looking.
It is consciousness itself.

The God or Guru or Formlessness
that you love or seek
is looking through you,
is aware in this moment;
is always awake and watching
in this moment, as this moment
whether you are or not.

If you recognize this,
then your actions are going to be
far less casual.

You're not going to be so inclined
to just indulge in habitual
gossip, judgments, complaints, desires,
worries and distractions.

You won't be lost in autopilot
while you are thinking about being
somewhere else if you realize
Infinite Consciousness/God/Guru
is present in this moment.

Rather, you will be more drawn
to be present in every action.

Every movement will be an act of devotion,
an act of meditation.

You will also no longer feel alone.
You will not feel separate
from God, from Consciousness, from Guru.
You will feel that what you have been seeking
is always present in this moment;
is both always with you and is you.
That you are loved and are love.

There is great joy in this oneness.

And in this joy,
you will naturally treat yourself and others
with a deeper respect.

You will feel life is sacred,
this moment is sacred.

You won't have the desire
to waste this moment on petty things.

You will want to live this moment
completely and fully.
Not to get something out of it,
but simply as an act of pure love and devotion.

Just by remembering,
pure consciousness is present.
'That which I have been yearning for
is present and aware in this moment.'

Much love,


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