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Sometime back I had written about the two kinds of movement. I want to go a little more into the subject and so to start with I am reproducing the post below.

"We must understand the two kinds of movements that we are subject to in life. One is rotation and other revolution. The cyclic repetition and outcome of our old memories is the rotation and the revolution is the cyclic existence with its sixfold modification of birth etc. called the Law to which all things are subject.

At the core of it all is the Self which lends existence to everything and is the imperishable axis."

Now let us try to understand these two kinds of movement. All movement involves 'Time' and so too these movements involve two kinds of 'Time'. Rotation is within psychological time and could be said to be an offshoot or false (secondary) movement. I had written a post on psychological time too but to state briefly it is movement from 'What Is' to 'What Should Be." This is subject to 12 Laws.

Revolution involves 'Real' time as it concerns the sixfold change from birth, growth, continuance (transformation) to death, decay and destruction. This is therefore subject to 06 Laws.

The axis is Being which is Eternal Unchanging and can be said to be subject to 03 Laws (God) at the core of which lies the Absolute Being which no movement touches and all spiral around it.