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Whatever happens in our life, the happiness & sorrow that we experience are a result of our past Karmas accumulated over our innumerable births. These stored Karmas are a reason for our unhappiness, failures, diseases, scarcity, poor relationship, mental stress and trauma etc. The Siddha Gurus have revealed that we have the potential of dissolving our past stored Karmas by invoking the Divine Cosmic Energy – ‘Sanjeevani Shakti’. The Divine Energy releasing our past negative Karmas and brings unlimited happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance and health in our lives.

We have taken birth to achieve our purpose in life. Our life is a journey to move from limitations, scarcity and failures towards infinity, abundance and success; from disease towards holistic health; from finite individual consciousness to infinite Shiva consciousness.

This can be achieved when we establish union with the ultimate creator – ‘Shiva’. Shiv means Infinite and Yog means Union and ‘Shiv Yog’ is the Union with the Infinite. We are all born with immense potential. All the powers of the world reside in us. When a person is in pain and suffering he accepts that it is his destiny but according to Shiv Yog the real truth is that we ourselves are the divine conciousness , we are the ultimate bliss and the reason why we have been incarnated as human beings is to experience that bliss through our body. Siddha Gurus have revealed that as we start burning our accumulated Karmas though Shiv Yog Dhyan it raises our level of consciousness resulting in advancement of health, prosperity and relationship. This guides us towards spiritual progress and enables us to achieve all Material and Spiritual Desire. We get graced by Shiva and start materializing whatever we want to achieve in life. Thus through Shiv Yog we can unfold the Infinite Potential that resides in us and create our own destiny.

Shiv Yog is not a technique; it is the path of Grace. The enormous growth that happens instantaneously when one starts practicing Shiv Yog is due to the Grace of the Shiv Yogis who with their intensive Tapa awakened the Sanjeevani Shakti of Lord Mahamrityunjaya. There is no limit to the experiences one can have in Shiv Yog, more the devotion more Grace one receives. Till now the knowledge and power of Sanjeevani Shakti was limited to very few Shiv Yogis. Although we could experience the Divine Cosmic power every moment but we were unable to tap its full potential as only a Guru can unlock the door that leads to GOD. Fortunately with the divine grace of Shiva, Babaji has started blessing each one of us with the divine knowledge. In Shivyog Dhyan Shivir Babaji does ‘Shaktipat’ which connects (yog) our Atma with Parmatma (Shiv) and we get the powers to invoke the Divine Cosmic Energy. By invoking the cosmic power we cleanse and release our negative karmas that result in a healthy, prosperous and successful life.

Babaji has a divine vision to see all of us healthy, successful and happy. He prays Shiva to heal us and our family completely by showering the grace of Shiv Yog and Sanjeevani Shakti into our lives and let the miracles of Shiv Yog unfold. According to Babaji all the miracles that are happening in your life is a result of your Shiv Yog Sadhana. He wants all of us to experience eternal peace and tranquility and while moving on the path of Shiv Yog attain self realization during this life time.

Remember whenever you are praying to Lord Shiva Baba is standing beside you to carry your prayers to the Mother Father of the universe. May Lord Shiv-Shiva help you to achieve the very purpose of your life during this lifetime and get freed from the further cycle of re-incarnation.

Shiv Yog Shivir is for nine full days. For the convenience of people it is divided into three programs of three day each Siddha Dhyan & Healing, Shambhavi Dhyan & Healing and Shree Vidya Sadhna. These are progressive in nature so one is allowed to attend in the given sequence from the beginning only. The people who repeat the shivir are also advised to join from the beginning as everytime the theme and experience is different.

Benefits of Shiv Yog Practice

Medical trials conducted during Shiv Yog camps show that the sacred meditations where “Sanjeevani Shakti” and “Mrit Sanjeevani Shakti” is invoked enhances the regenerating capabilities of the human cells thereby helps in revival of dysfunctional organs and brings about age reversal and rejuvenation.
Healing of 12 houses of horoscope to bring good luck and removal of obstacles.
Happier relationships within family and friends Removal of blockages and healing of studies, career, court case and situations at home, college or work place.
Relief from various Dosha (Guru, Dev, Janam Kundli, Bhumi, Kaal Sarpa etc)
Help your “pitras”(ancestors) reach the highest dimension of afterlife. As they ascend from the lower dimension to the higher dimension they shower blessings on you and your children removing “pitra dosha” blockages. Individuals and family problems connected with “Pitra Dosha” get healed.
Rectification of Vaastu of home, shop, factory or office with the help of yantras and “Sanjeevani Shakti”
Materialisation of positive desires with the help of sacred “Shree Vidya Sadhna”.
Chakra and Kundalini Activation.
Lead a balanced life and enjoy all the pleasures of life while moving steadily towards Self Realisation.