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Some say because it is the most simple, it
can be the most difficult to achieve. The
simple truth is seldom the most popular.
But to call it by any other name does not
make it any different. And just because a
thing is diffcult doesn't mean it is
impossible. So many who play with fire
end up getting burned. After all,
isn't that the nature of fire?

"Talk as much philosophy as you please, worship as many
gods as you like, observe all ceremonies, sing devoted
praises to any number of divine beings - liberation never
comes, even at the end of a hundred aeons, without the
realization of the Oneness of Self."


"This Self is not realized by study nor even by intelligence
and learning. The Self reveals its essence only to him who
applies himself to the Self. He who has not given up the
ways of vice, who cannot control himself, who is not at
peace within, whose mind is distracted, can never realize
the self,though full of all the learning in the world."

Katha Upanishad

"Nirvana is where there is no birth, no extinction; it is
seeing into the state of Suchness, absolutely transcending
all the catagories constructed by mind; for it is the
Tathagata's inner consciousness."

Lankavatara Sutra

Wind over mountains that are beneath the wind
wind beneath water that is above the wind
making gradual progess means the former,
where there is a well that is worth drawing from
becomes the later... each has its own timing
Staying still in the proper place like a mountain
we are free to enter slowly like the wind...

"The path of striving is the path of restoring the
primordial while in the temporal; therefore it is returning
the nonexistent to existence, so that what has gone comes
back. To return the nonexistent to existence, so that what
is gone comes back, is not something that can be done in
one day; the process involved is subtle, the course of work
is long - it is necessary to progress gradually, following
the appropriate order, before one can reach
deep attainment of self-realization."

Where "firmness and flexibility match, openness and solidity
combine... true yin and true yang naturally form a couple -
this is not like trying to force the joining of false yin
and false yang."

"When the work is done, it returns from effort to
spontaneity; yin and yang join, firmness and flexibility
merge and a bead of spiritual elixir congeals from
nothingness into form."

"However, though the gradual path is good, it is only
beneficial if the gradual progress is correct... Among
those in the world who practice material or sexual alchemy,
those who cling to emptiness or stick to forms, there are
those who do their practices all their lives, growing old
without achievement.
What is the good of that?"

"So it is necessary to proceed gradually in the correct
manner, thoroughly investigating truth, completely
realizing essence, to arrive at the meaning of life."

The Taoist I Ching

We are not one mind but two. Awakenings occur
once the illusion of mundanity is cracked open.
We do not intend anything in that moment
because everything already is. There is no effort
to be selfless or nonattached. Such things are
the expression of oneness.

When nature's time arrives, "Using the true fire of the
origianl spirit to burn away the mundane gold of arbitrary
feelings, when arbitrary feelings are gone true sense
appears..." Completing strength with lucidity, "Strong
on the inside and lucid on the outside... Completing
lucidity with strength. Lucid inwardly and strong out-
wardly, after emptying one's mind one then fills the belly;
thus sanity is ever-present..." "When one has certain
endowments, one is able to assimilate to others;
assimulating, one's endowments increase."
The Taoist I Ching

We each us move through all these
countless changes time and time again
mostly unaware returning to central balance
only to repeat it all over again.


Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence

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the simple truth

I regret to be the one to be pointing out the obvious
here, but until we have crossed a certain threshold
within our own being the Taoist I Ching isn't likely
to agree with us. It was not intended for the causual
use of the uninnitated, yet this initiation does not
mean any formal set of ritualistic beliefs being
rigidly followed or adhered to, as much as it is an
initial awakening to our own original being.

To put it more bluntly in somewhat paradoxical terms,
"Mundanity grows day by day and the celestial wanes day
by day, until the celestial is finally extinguished. Though
that first bit of mundanity be slight, its deleterous effects are powerful."

"The Tao of striving for the gold elixir has been set up for middling and lesser people, in whome the joining of the
mundane to the celestial has already taken place. Striving
means to foster the celestial and detach from the mundane.
Detaching from the mundane by means of the celestial
requires that one first foster the celestial while within the mundane; fostering the celestial is just a device to repel mundanity."

"The alchmical classics and writings of the adepts, amounting to thousands of volumes, do not go beyond the principles of the I Ching, and the principles of the I Ching, its sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching, and three hundred eighty-four lines, do not go beyond this path of firm and flexible, simple and ready knowledge and capacity, which are innate."

Therefore it is said, "The I Ching is for the consideration of superior people, not for the consideration of inferior people. This is because superior people can cultivate this path of firm and flexible simplicity and readiness, reverse the overtaking of the celestial by the mundane, and restore the original innate knowledge and innate capacity. Inferior people, on the other hand obey conditioning, which obscures their celestial roots, and bring destruction upon them-selves; how can they know how to practice this great Tao, the path back to the primordial?"

Taken out of context such words may seem offensive...

Yet, "The secrets of preserving settlement and bringing about settlement are no more than this. Going along with conditioning produces humans, reversing conditioning produces sages. It is not easy to understand what is meant by this reversal."

"What is the root aggregate of mundanity?"

THe Taoist I Ching

The I Ching was originally designed as a teaching tool for the benefit of the awakened individual. Though we may find it's meaning to be abstruse or disagreeable we can not fault its methods.

There is disintergration, degeneration, exhaustion and travail, stripping away, bitting through, transience or concealment of illumination, regulation, liberation, halting or truthfulness within, yet much like the forces
of nature we can ignore the seasons of growth and change
at our own peril.

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Movement within stillness:

There is a path of development in thunder.

"Revolution involves gaining joy trhough illumination,
refining metal by fire, removing old impruities. Removing
old impurities does not mean forgetting things, forgetting
the body, extinguishing the mind, and stoppping thoughts;
it is necessary to remove impurities in the midst of action
in order to accomplish the task. This is because the Tao is
alive, in movement; it is neather material nor void. We
use worldly realities to practice the reality of the Tao,
and use human affairs to cultivate celestial virtues; both
striving and nonstriving, comprehending essence and
comprehending life, the endless work all must be done
in the midst of activity."

"Filled with living energy, the real self sits peacefully
in the center, tranquil and unperturbed, yet sensitive and

"Hell and heaven do exist in th world - they are both
created in people's minds... it is the falsehood and
truth of thoughts, which distinguish them."

The Taoist I Ching

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forstalling danger

The richness of strength that is able to be flexible
and yielding is auspicious when meeting the hidden
master... producing or preserving richness of illumination
aware of perils arousing one's spirit forstalling dangers
proceeding with vigor it is good to attain
the proper balance...

Akin to making ceremonial offerings, 'Cultivating celestial
nobility, human nobility will follow. First there are hard
times, then there is success. We can be sure of this

Taoist I Ching

Lake, fire, wind
earth; mountain,
water, thunder,
and sky...

"If you want to attain the Tao, you need to know
how to submit to it and be receptive to it, and
you must follow it correctly... If you follow it correctly
forever, there will be firmness in flexibility,
unconcealed, unobscured, never changing till death."

"Shedding the conditioned temperment, you expose
the original face of the primordial..."

"However, the way of transformation requires real
knowledge and clear insight. If you engage in guesswork
without insight, even if the celestial treasure is in view
you won't be able to use it. First you must see it, then
use it. Then there is no function within function that has
function... being and nonbeing do not stand, for and
against do not bind... making effort within the effort
that is effortless."

"If you do not wait for the proper time and rush forward
in hopes of speedy accomplishment, you will certainly
regret having beckoned danger... People who understand
the Tao, should know the dangers, and had better give up
and wait for the proper time... people without knowledge
act arbitrarily, in ignorance, wrongly coveting the
celestial treasure; they act dangerously on a dangerous basis."

The Taoist I Ching

It'll Shine when it Shines..
precisely on the threshood
where the real yang
is in view
refining oneself
awaited the proper time
correctly oriented
solutions can be found
even in difficulty...

Restoration of the celestial
within the temporal is the return
of basic nature to natural innocence

Toltec Logic | Tue, 07/06/2010 - 15:40