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Welcome to Spring – Rithu Vasanth
Friday , 2009 March Twenty Seventh
First day of nine day Vasanth NavaRaath
Goodbye to Winter last Month

Anno Domini Lord Krishna ‘s Birth 5230 th
HE who Graced for 120 years Mother Earth
Leaving behind Geethopadesh in all It’s Worth
For the benefit of humanity as Life’s Breath

The Day of Vernal equinox
Day and Night of same length
Sun gaining in warmth

Last Day of chill ,Great Shiva Raath .
Dormant trees awaken to bring forth
New leaves Mango , Neem their worth
All birds chirp in all their mirth

Yugaadi New Year 5,110 th
Of Kali Yug Cycle Twenty Eighth
Viroddhi , Enemy but not to Bhaarath
Only To Messenger of Death

Vasanth mine three score and fifteenth
Me Blessed By Brahma with Good Health
Now and for a decade more on Mother Earth

With Best Wishes for All in my Breath
May All Be Blessed with Health and Wealth
Let there be peace in every home and Hearth

From The Pen Of Ramaraju BalaKrishna Murthy
Known To All As “AATHREYA” Now In India South



Now,being read the poem AATHREYA VASANTH and came to knowledge the age of kaliyuga as per mythology and Lord Krishna lived for 120 years on this earth in physical frame.
I remember that mother-Sarswati is worshiped on vasant-panchami.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 08/09/2009 - 16:58