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In the very recent past
Took place an event

An astral event
A Lunar – Solar event

As seen from Earth Planet
By many in the firmament.

For Astronomers
A special event

For Astrologers
A notable event

For Jyothish Pandits
A life moment

For believers
A religious event

For our Ancestors
An awesome event

For Sun and Moon
Hide and seek movement

An invisible Moon
On a New Moon Day
Ambushed Visible Sun
On Jan 26 ’09 Monday

In the west a forenoon event
In the east an after noon event

Seen in some places
As a partial Solar Eclipse
Yet in other places
As an annular Solar Eclipse

A memorable momentous event
Of Earth , Moon and Sun in Their alignment

Ascending Node of Moon
Raahu as it is known
Acting as an obscurant
Causing Solar Eclipse Event

In the end Sun came out resplendent
Moon back into hiding behind Earth Planet.

AATHREYA – Dr. BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju as an Observant