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Wednesday , 10 April 2010
Sun leaves Meenam ( Pisces Constellation )
Sun crosses over into Mesham ( Aries constellation )
For friends who keep track of Sun's sojourn
It is a day for celebration
Mesham - Aries being the first Raasi (zodiac constellation )
The day is considered as the first day of New Year
Whether we follow Moon ( Chaandra maana Lunar calendar)
Or we follow Sun ( Soorya maana Solar calendar )
or Jupiter ( Bruhaspathi Deva Guru - Baarhaspathya maana)
or Yudhistar , Kali yug , Buddha , Mahaavera Vardhamaan
Bhaarath is a country that symbolizes Unity in Diversity
Others may have one new year , we in Bhaarath ( India )
Have many New Years to give us hope for a better future
To regain The past spiritual and Cultural Glory
Me AATHREYA , Dr Bala Krishna Joins My Brothers and Sisters
Across the world To wish Everyone A happy and Prosperous New Year . Om Thath Sath = So Be It

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aathreya to be taken without moderation I quote
Cocktails for a happy life

In a glass pour a few drops of trust, patience, tolerance, listening,
forgiveness, perseverance, letting go, non-judgmental.

To this mixture, add a good dose: humor, smile, good humor

Shake ... before adding without counting ... a good glass of nectar of
love that give this wine its unique taste small

Tips: It says ... that mixtures make them sick. " This is an old
recipe that has proven itself. The more you mix, the better you will

Take the morning fasting preference, then several times a day and UNLIMITED!

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