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Aathreya it has been quite a while away in USA
Bala Krishna a little while ago is back in India
From USA after a two year gap
Back in India to Mother’s lap
Jet lag to overcome with a nap
A goodwill sojourn in USA for two years
How the time flies , for none it waits
Bridging the distance between two nations
Winging back to India over two oceans
Flying USA to India over two continents
Assimilating the best of two civilizations
Leaving behind the memories of 2008 in the past
Looking forward to a Happy New 2009 the present
What a welcome change and what a contrast
From the land of plenty and utilities
To the land of plurality and diversities
From the land of solitudes
To the land of multitudes
Two lands of multi ethnicity
Love both as a single entity
From a nation of 300 million
To a country of one billion
All belong to one human population
From the land of snow and rain
To the land of sunshine
From SUVs, ORVs, ATVs, Humvees
To bullock carts , rikshaws and autos
Fords and Lincolns to Ambassadors and Tatas
From trucks, trailers, freight cars and Amtraks
To lorries, mopeds , goods trains and Rajdhanis
I love them all and what a welcome change
From the land of right side travel with me in the
left side driving seat, where driving is science perfect
To the land of left side travel with myself in the
right side driving seat , where driving is an art subject.
To the all familiar scene of street dogs who for me have no respect
Happy to see holy cows towards whom I have a lot of respect
I look forward to a peaceful tranquil stay me being an optimist
I am Murthy thanks to al;l far away yet near for ever
with boundless affection for all those near and dear.

AATHREYA – Dr.BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju