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Lord Narasimha , God in the Form of Man-Lion
Jayanthi , Day of Incarnation of Vishnu as Man-Lion
Jayanthi , Appearance Day , Day Of Incarnation
Nara Simha Appeared in Month of Vaisaakh , May
Bright Half on Fourteenth Day
Happens to be this year 2009 , May Seventh Day
Fifth Day of week that is Thursday
Beginning of night at the end of day
Setting Sun glowing red in the western sky
So is NaraSimha , Ugra Form very angry
Come to destroy the animosity
Ego of Hiranyakasip , Vishnu’s sworn enemy
In search of God every where , mind and heart empty.
Prahlaada , Hiranyakasip’s young son
Sees God Vishnu Every where , mind and heart full of joy
Hiranyakasip torn between his enemity
To Vishnu and to Prahlaad , love of paternity
Prahlaad caught between loyalty
To his father and to Vishnu , Devotion in all its totality
Hiranyakasip , personification of arrogance
Prahlaada , personification of innocence
God on the side of children , meek , weak and innocence.
Ego is destroyed and innocence and devotion rewarded .
Ugra Narasimha , The Angry Dod Became LakshmiNarasimha , God of Bliss.
O Lakshmi Nara Simah Mama Dehi Karavalambam = Give me YOUR HAND
Shaanthi , Lord Lakshmi NaraSimha Bless ALL , so prays AATHREYA
Offering to NaraSimha cool jaggery water spiced with pepper (paanakam in Telugu)
Telugu speaking land , Land of NaraSimha ,
Simhachalam in Visakhapatnam
Mangalagiriin in Guntur
Yaadagirigutta and Mattapalli in Telangana
Penchalakona in Nellore (Simhapuri)
Ahobilam in Kurnool
Lakshmi NaraSima Prasanna Prasanna
O Lord Show Your Countenence Of Bliss
And Bless All Beings On Mother Earth
Om Saanthi Hi = Let There Be Peace

Dr.BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju