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July 2009 mid rainy season month of SraavaN
Auspicious for the reason
Goddess Lakshmi Devi born of Milky Ocean
Came down to Earth from Heaven
To Bless all humans
With Boons , Grains and Gold Coins.
Lakshmi The Goddess of Wealth
Beloved of all women of Bhaarath
Lakshmi Consort of Vishnu in Heaven
Blesses all men , women and children
With material Wealth
Physical Health
Moral Strength
Always daily we all pray GoddessLakshmi
Specially during the month of SraavaN
More so in the phase of waxing Moon
That too on Tuesdays and Fridays
Aathreya invokes The Blessings og Lakshmi Devi
To Bless Humanity With Peace and Prosperity
So is it written and so will it be done.
So says Doctor BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju.