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AATHREYA - LIFE [ DrBalakrishna Murthy Ramaraju ] [ 01-Dec-08 1:39am ] [ edit ]
aathreya bala krishna murthy

Humanity is a product of Divinity.
Crime against Humanity is a sacrilege of Divinity.
Humanity is striving for immortality
trying to attain The Divinity ' s Eternity.
What people do against fellow humans is Insanity
if they fail to see the light it is a Pity.

krishna with all sincerity

My Life [ DrBalakrishna Murthy Ramaraju ] [ 01-Dec-08 12:47pm ] [ edit ]
aathreya bala krishna murthy

Humanity thou are Spirituality
Divinitty Blessed Humanity

beast of barbarity you are insanity
terror and mayhem are cruelty .

Humanity You Are The Beauty
A Mirror Image Of Divinity

Long Live All That Is Humanity

krishna bows his head
at the feet of Forces Of Security
with heart full of humility.