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Aathreya has a story to tell
Everyone has one as well
He is not trying one to sell
Only it rings within a bell .

My existence as a being is not an illusion
My presence no doubt is a proven conclusion
The evidence of my long sojourn on Earth
In essence is an undeniable absolute Truth .

My causal body is a fact
Only transient to be exact
Reality within is Supreme Intact
Permanently forever IT will Last .

The body is only of fire , water , sky , earth and air
Within resides Paramaathma , The Absolute pure and fair

Aathma,The Soul within, is a Spark from The Eternal Flame
Jeevaathma , pristine pure , a sparkling Crystal with no Blame
Whither IT has come from , Thither IT will go in Time
May be in this lifetime or in future lives at any time .

I have no fear of Divine Wrath
Neither fire , brimstone henceforth
That is The Absolute Truth
In all IT’s wealth and worth .

I have no fear of Heaven or Hell
Heaven is where I wish to dwell
Even all my friends are in hell
Then in the end all is well .

Be aware all ye there Aathreya is not yet ready to bid farewell
BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju has many more years on Earth to dwell .

So it is written . So it will happen .
The Truth , Nothing but Truth .

AATHREYA – Dr. BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju .