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Tuesday , 26 January 2010 , 60 th India Republic Day

This is AATHREYA – Bala Krishna Murthy
Welcome Tuesday , 26 th day of January
I wish Everyone A peaceful Indian Republic Day

5,000 years of Indus Valley Civilzation
On the banks of River Sindhu
A Civilization – Mohenjdaro – Harappan
A hoary glorious past binding all as one
In the sub continent South Asian
With peace , prosperity and artistic creation

Bhaarath – India as a Republic Nation
Sixty years of completion
Constitution , a contribution
Of Minds of Great statesmen
Ambedkar , Munshi , Mukherjee
Nehru , Sardar Patel , Rajaji
Abul kalam Azad , Bapuji
And let us not forget Netaji ,
All patron saints of Bhaarath Maataaji

India , a billion Indians Nation
Bhaarath “of people , for people , by people “
A Government by general Election
Bringing all Indians under one dominion
Glory That is Bhaarath The Indian nation
A melting point of every Religion ,
A salad bowl of many languages spoken
People of all colours and notion
India A rainbow Nation
A basket of many a tradition

Me Bala Krishna A Non resident Indian
Bow my head before Mother India Nation


Republic Day

Congratulations to all on republic Day.
Largest democracy of the world India has and largest written constitution has also. Various languages are spoken in this land which was inhabited by one of the oldest civilizations and presently has been inhabited with the one billion people. India is also very, very rich with the wild life ---- animals and birds, big and small are the forests and gardens of this nation. Large and small are the rivers and mountains in this nation. This has also Himalaya and yamuna, ganga, vyas etc. Religions and educations both are highly flourished in country.
India is other name of 'UNITY IN DIVERSITY'.

NIDHI PARKASH | Tue, 01/26/2010 - 14:40