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My number of years on Mother Earth
A few of them in the bosom of America North
With most of them in the lap of Bhaarath
Graph steadily climbing towards North.

I have been around in this world
For three score and fifteen years
The graph slowly dipping south
For remainder of my Earth years

So far,touch wood, no major problems of health
Except those of aging , hypertension and so forth
“Battle of Bulge “ there is no increase in girth
Nothing to worry about psychological health .

Eighteen times per minute in and out frequency of breath
Seventy two times per minute my sound heart beats
My pulse Volume , tension , rhythm and rate
All are normal so records electro cardio graph .

Implants and dentures bestow good dental health
Glasses for good near and far visual breadth
Contentment is the essence of my financial wealth
Bliss and mirth in my home and hearth .

Amidst loving family , I look forward to full moon thousandth
That is years eighty three and plus to its maximum worth
I salute Mother Earth and bow before USA and Bhaarath
Thanks to Gods for bestowing on me Life of full length .

Bhaarath , Punya Bhoomi , Deva Bhoomi , Land of Gods
USA Bhoga Bhoomi , land of wealth and health
India Karma Bhoomi , land of fate ,destiny , kismeth
Life is full of ups and downs ,to forgive and forget .

With an ardent hope to live and let live
To be born again and again
So shall it be written down
So will it happen .

AATHREYA – Dr.BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju