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bala krishna

Before I post my last message regarding AATHMA ,
I would like to pay my respects and acknowledge
that the essence of my past 26 messages was given by

No Less A person Than Yama Dharma Raaj
Himself to 5 year old Nachiketha , who was ordered by
his father to go away to The Abode Of Yama .
Nachiketha was Blessed by Yama Dharma Raaj and
was informed about Jeevaathma .

The Same was revealed by Yama to Sathi Saavithri
when she followed Yama to the Gates of Hades on Styx
( Naraka Lok On River Vaitharani ) to save her husband
Sathyavaan's life which she did.

My salutations to :
Yama Dharma Raaj , The Time Itself Personified.

Final Journey Of AATHMA ......................

AATHREYA - Dr . BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju

*Soul on Earth - Home
Coming*[ DrBalakrishna
Murthy Ramaraju [image:
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bala krishna

Final Stage - 84 years to Destination --

When the TIME comes, as it will surely come ,
please remember " Jaathasya Maranam Dhruvam " =
what is born will surely die .

Soul will leave the body and all the past memory
will come flooding back . IT wonders why IT's
kith and kin are sorry - dont hey know that the body is
only temporary , of course they dont as they are enveloped by
MAAYA = ignorance .

Now that IT , The Soul has led an exemplary life on Earth.
Paramaathma is Happy to accept Jeevaathma back home ,
but HE / SHE in all HER / HIS wisdom might decide to send IT
back to Earth to set a righteous example to others to emulate.

So one can say at least sometimes ,
" Maranasya Jaatham Dhruvam " = what is dead will be born again.
Matter is neither created nor destroyed .

So what about all of us - you , me and everyone .................

AATHREYA - Dr . BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju

*ABOUT US* [ DrBalakrishna
Murthy Ramaraju [image:
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bala krishna

We are all subject to the consequence of our actions of past lives and
present life.
If on the positive side either we attain Pari Nirvaana or
born as Saints , Sages , Seers , Statesmen , Presidents , Philosophers ,
Poets ,
Humans , Despots , etc etc .


Sarve Janaah Sukhino Bhavanthu = Let All People Live Happily Healthily

OM THATH SATH = So Be It. Every Action Has It's Own Reaction.

THE END . I Bow before Shiva , Yama , Shani , Nachiketha , Maarkandeya ,
Dhruva ,
Prahlaada , Bali , ParasuRaama , Hanuma , Vibheeshana , Vyaasa ,Krupa

Thanks Gope Suresh and All Of YOU.

AATHREYA - Dr . BalaKrishna Murthy Ramaraju

aathreya- r.bala krishna murthy

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aathrThanks Giving [ DrBalakrishna Murthy Ramaraju ] [ 27-Nov-08 12:00pm ] [ edit ]
aathreya bala krishna

A day of Thanks Giving.
A day to be Happy
and not to worry.
A day to forget and forgive
to take all in one's stride.
A day to be nice to all
without any malice.
A day to be Thankful
and not to be resentful.
A day to be kind to Seniors
with love and affection to Juniors.
A day of peace and Love
with no violence to nature and Life.
A day to remember all Best Things
and to ignore all past worst things.

krishna with Heart Full Of Thanks To One And All.

Dr.BalaKrishna ... | Thu, 11/27/2008 - 14:12