4 Ways to Transcend Mind in Meditation

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"The unruly mind
is the main obstacle
in meditation.

Scattering your attention
and imprisoning you
in a rollercoaster of emotions
and mental uppheaval.

It is what keeps you from
experiencing your natural state
of peace and bliss.

Here are 4 methods
to go beyond the mind.

The first is to focus the mind.
By focusing on a single technique
like watching your breath
or repeating a mantra.

The second is to witness the mind.
By being aware
of the thoughts arising
you are no longer identified with them.

The third is to bring your attention
on what is behind the mind,
such as asking
"Who am I?"

or simply keeping your attention
on the sensations you feel
rather than the thoughts.

And the fourth method is devotion.

Simply by keeping your attention
fixed on a Guru or God
or even the feeling of Shakti or Bliss
magically you are transported
beyond the mind.

Everyone has their
personal preference
or preferences.

More important
than the method
is the attention
you give to the method.

You give yourself
completely to anything
and freedom is the result.



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