3 Levels of Consciousness in Meditation

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"Through meditation, Shaktipat
and other spiritual practice,
you can easily come to the experience
of impersonal being.

In this, you are still aware
of personal experience
but you also experience yourself
beyond the personal body and mind
as a feeling of existence itself
that is free of the personal.

The experience of
this state of simply being
or "being the self"
is quite peaceful, blissful
and nurturing.

There is a certain freedom
you enjoy just in this.

But if you continue to
move deeper into consciousness,
you experience yourself
as the witness of everything.

You experience yourself
completely detached from
all identification.

Thoughts arise, feeling arises,
yet you remain completely
free of it all as the witness.

Once you reach the point in meditation
where witnessing happens effortlessly,
all personal experience drops away.

Your personal experience
of having a name, a body
a past, a future,
all of this vanishes
and you float through
visions and subtle experiences in energy
without the confines of being
limited to being a person.

Everything moves through you
and as you,
energy moving through energy.

With this experience,
there is a much deeper
experience of bliss and freedom.

While in this state of meditation,
you lose all memory of having a body,
of being a person, or of having a past.
You literally become weightless.

This may sound
a bit frightening to the mind
but it is anything but frightening;
it is incredibly freeing.
There is not even
the subtlest experience of stress.

But still if you want to go deeper,
you get to a point
where even the witness vanishes.

In deep surrender into stillness,
something else takes over
where everything just disappears
into that which cannot be defined.

Everything gets sucked
into what seems like
a black hole of blissful nothingness.

Just enough consciousness remains
so when you come back from it
you have some slight sense
of where you disappeared.

You dissolve back into
your essence where
everything seems to get
reset back into it's
natural state of peace.

Coming out of this
you are no longer
bound by the mind.

You are beyond all
concepts, all ideas
and all knowledge.

All spiritual teachings and knowledge
are happily tossed in the garbage
as they no longer have any meaning.

The real beauty of this nothingness
is the movement of
disappearing into this
and again arising
back out of this.

This movement of
going in and the movement
of coming out
is profoundly blissful,
leaving you very drunk
on bliss and joy
for quite some time after.



(Please note: These are in no way the only levels of consciousness.)

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