3 comments on George Bernard Shaw's famous saying about belief and skepticism

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George Bernard Shaw once said:

The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.

3 comments regarding this saying:

(1) This circumstantial advantage of happiness related to the mental state of belief still does not negate in any way the possible existence of a metaphysical reality.

(2) Belief in the existence of a metaphysical reality, humanized or not, does not necessarily lead one to happiness. In the same way, it can lead to misery and great fear (ghosts, karma, reward and punishment and so on).

(3) True belief, which is something extremely rare, does not change and is dependent on nothing (not on being affiliated with any organized religion, not on any actions, not on the lack of calamity or misfortune, not on guilt, commandments, rituals, practices, and so on). The happiness of a drunken man, on the other hand, is temporal and dependent on substance.

And in Hebrew:

ג'ורג' ברנד שו פעם אמר:

העובדה שאדם מאמין מאושר יותר מאדם ספקן אינה משמעותית יותר מהעובדה שאדם שיכור מאושר מאדם פיכח

שלוש הערות על אמירה זו:

היתרון הנסיבתי הזה של המצב הנפשי של אמונה עדיין לא שולל את עצם אפשרות קיומו של נדבך מטפיסי.

אמונה בקיום של נדבך מטפיסי מואנש או לא מואנש לא בהכרח מובילה לאושר, היא יכולה להוביל לפחד נורא - קארמה, שכר ועונש, שדים וכדומה.

אמונה אמיתית היא מצב קיומי אקסטטי שאינו משתנה ואינו תלוי בדבר (דת ממוסדת, מעשים, פורענויות, אכזבות, רגשי אשם, כללי עשה ואל תעשה, קיום מצוות, תירגולים וכו') בניגוד לשיכרות שהיא זמנית ותלויה בסבסטנס.

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99% of spiritual people are worse than drunken people

99% of spiritual people are worse than drunken people. They are worse because they are not only drunken but they are not aware that they are so: drunken and hypocrite.

Saying 99% is not metaphoric. If you read this you are most probably among these!

If you have any desire in your spiritual activity. Enlightenment, more peacefulness, happiness. Whatever desire. You are not spiritual, you are simply drunken.

banana | Mon, 07/12/2010 - 06:15
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Rare truthful post!

Unfortunately this is true. If you have any hidden or unconcealed motive, purpose, wish to your spirituality than it is the complete opposite of spirituality, you are less spiritual than the thief, the delinquent, and your secular neighbor.

This is the biggest pitfall.

If you trace any motive for your spirituality and you find it impossible to abandon completely, as a result, any formal spiritual activity whatsoever than at least focus all your effort on the motives and let them go, one by one, painful as it may be. Instead of seeking your goals - happiness, enlightenment and so on - work on abandoning them. This is the true spiritual work you have to do.

You are very lucky to read these words. Most spiritual people waste their entire life on non-spirituality disguised as spirituality.

sharonk | Tue, 07/13/2010 - 12:46