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2012: Society's reality of what-to-think peace and endless wars will vanish.
WTT brain: the LIMITED, black-hole, What-to-think brain
HTT brain: the LIMITLESS How-to-think brain.
Society distributes its degrees to ONLY those brains it has wired for: What-to-think.
“What to think” is a black-hole in which all thinking must revolve around: “what to think”... a black-hole in which all thinking must make “what-to-think” either “better” or “worse”: “better” for society's very temporary “peaces” but far more important: “worse” for its endlessly profitable conflicts, wars.

A WTT brain is wired NOT to process information from outside its Black Hole that it mindlessly needs to look, sound and feel safe and secure inside like a child does with its security-blanket: UNLESS the outside information threatens its What-to-think security-blanket.

When information from outside the WTT black-hole threatens what-to-think, then the WTT brain is wired to mindlessly/pavlovly get combinations of fight-or-flight feelings, like anger, stress.... anxiety, shame, guilt, grief – just like a child gets when it loses its security-blanket.

These fight-or-flight feelings that WTT brains are wired to Pavlovly/mindlessly get when their What-to-think is threatened ...
these fight-or-flight feelings are the pathognomonic hallmark of a WTT brain.

2012: the WTT black-hole that makes WTT brains look sound and feel safe and secure inside as long as they think better-or-worse about what they must think .. these black-holes will vanish into a magical wonderland of limitless ways of thinking.

-- O'no

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Couldn't understand a word and couldn't understand what this is all based on.

seeker | Tue, 05/26/2009 - 08:01