20 quotes from Maitreya

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Twenty statements from Maitreya.

1. Who you really are can not be woken up or made to fall a sleep.

2. No deed, or insight, will bring you closer to yourself than you already are, or have you removed from it.

3. Everything is the same in itself and does not change.

4. You are love, there is only you.

5. The essence of yourself is the essence of everything.

6. What has no cause has no consequences and who you really are is causeless.

7. Life is about happiness that comes from peace and gratitude that comes from happiness.

8. God, who is everything, is not going nowhere, in that sense you are heaven.

9. That you are yourself continuously is waking up to reality.

10. Only reality is true and reality is love, there is only the true self.

11. There is nothing that comes and goes, you are what everything consists of.

12. In peace I can say, "I am perfectly happy to always be my same self."

13. You take up all the space there is.

14. There is no observer, there are no phenomena, you are everything.

15. A healed healer is one with his brothers and an equal in who He really is.

16. Selfless life takes place between not wanting to get rid of anything, not wanting to achieve something. All that time that you wanted to get rid of your ego to become yourself, you were already yourself.

17. We really meet each other when we realize that we are not the doer of things done.

18. The answer to the question who am I is the answer to all our questions, because who knows thimmselve knows love and who knows love knows everything.

19. Self-knowledge is the answer to all your prayers.

20. One world free from national borders, everything for free for everyone and all prisoners released to celebrate life together!